Cameron: strong case for more U.K. troops Afghan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. Cameron: strong case for more U.K. troops Afghan

    LONDON (AP) — There is a very strong case for sending more U.K. soldiers to Afghanistan, British opposition leader David Cameron said in an interview broadcast Sunday.
    The Conservative politician, who is favored to become Britain's next prime minister, told BBC radio's "Westminster Hour" that he was not in a position to know what exactly the British military would need as it grapples with a raging Taliban insurgency. However, "if what the military are asking for is more troops in Afghanistan to speed up the training of the Afghan National Army, it does seem to me that there's a very strong case for saying yes to that," Cameron said
  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    No need for Dave to say that,it's been sorted

    Clinton H, told Milliband D to send them
    He told Lord Mandleson who tut tutted and ordered Brown to send them so he told the M.O.D.

    Tommorrow Brown,Mandleson and Milliband will tell anyone who will listen that they always planned to send more troops anyway
    Whilst doing this they will conviently forget Sir Richard Dannatt asking for them months ago

    Harriett will roll her eyes and say "Boys eh can't trust them to get anything right"

    Next week Obama orders the U.K. to buy more Chinnoks and Blakhawks to protect the U.S. aero space industry
    Brown agrees claiming he thought of it first
  3. And has been asked by myself and others - where, pray tell, are these extra soldiers going to come from? I was under the impression that the cupboard was bare.

    What are they going to do, tell the CCF that this year's Annual Camp will be six months long and based in Helmand? :roll:

    FFS, it's like Hitler in the Bunker, sending orders to Divisions that no longer existed... :evil:
  4. Stabs to the rescue!
  5. The soldiers that were in Iraq last year maybe?
  6. Fair one. I recall saying something at the time, about the poor b@stards swapping one Sandpit for another...

    I should have kept my mouth shut! :twisted:
  7. And why not if they are needed?
  8. Nearly 100,000 troops in the Army. About 8,000 in Afghanistan. Where are the rest. Convert some of the useless headquarters into fighting units and send them to the front.
  9. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Op Banner has finished as well
  10. Here we go again another politician promising the world they are going to send more troops .

    It was nearly three weeks ago their was a public out cry that our government was not giving our troops the vital equipment and man power they need .

    What support have our troops received absolutely nothing just over one hundred soldiers were sent out to Afghan to replace the soldiers who tragically passed away and other soldiers who got injured .

    They have had no support what so ever from our government , that's all our government does is talk but never do they produce what the extra helicopters ,vital equipment and extra troops because saving money is more important to them .

    we have injured soldiers coming back from ops and then you have our government taking them to court to get what little compensation they have because they suffered from further complications after their injuries they sustained in the first place .

    Then family's are having to wait months even years to have a inquest for their loved ones.

    Our disgraceful government say they are doing everything possible to help our troops and their families.

    This disgraceful government is doing nothing to help our troops and their familys that's all they are doing is talking and nothing ever comes of it .