Cameron starts Election petition

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, May 18, 2009.

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    Absolutely shagging not you mendacious b*stard. I want Parliament cleansed and fixed before any talk of another election.

    I want the spotlight kept fixed on what has happened, and I want it sorted out before you and your ilk bury it under election fever.

  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Added to Gorbals Mick refusing to discuss his leaving, and effectively passing the buck to the house.

    "We must ALL, each and every one of us concentrate of rebuilding the trust in this house".

    Not going to happen sunshine. For SOME, there will be no rebuilding of trust. For SOME, they are too long in the tooth, too greedy, too corrupt for any way back to be found.

    The only way to rebuild trust in this Parliament is for SOME to go to jail, SOME to be sacked, SOME to resign, and many others to work very hard indeed to make Parliament something that:

    A: Does not divorce itself from the majority of citizens.
    B: Does not divorce its members from the financial and material realities faced by the voters.
    C: Does not cosset its members in a life of luxury at the expense of the Taxpayer.
    D: Does not exclude its members from the penalties that the rest of us face for wrongdoing.
    E: Does not allow its members to hide their failures, lies and wrongdoing.
    F: Is fully transparent and accountable at all times.
    G: Responds immediately to the will of the electorate.
    H: Fully represents the electorate without passing the buck to supranational and equally corrupt bodies.

    That would be a reasonable start.
  3. I think that there should be a general election called.

    I also think that Mr. Cameron should ensure that nobody who made outrageous claims against the public purse (moat cleaning for example) should be allowed to stand as an official Conservative candidate.

    This whole matter is a national disgrace.

    That said, I fear that in the unlikely event that we, the tax-payers, should be allowed to see into the financial affairs of the European Soviet Union we would discover graft, 'theft', 'misappropriation' and corruption on an unimaginable scale. We would find such colossal sums of our money missing, stolen or misused that would make 'moat cleaning' and 'phantom mortgage claims' pale into total insignificance.
  4. There is not one MP of any party in this country that can stand before us and talk at us with such petulance again. They have lost that right and the only way to right their wrongs is resolve Parliament and start again with new faces.
  5. Excellent post Biped.
    All of those points I would agree with.
    We also need a way to remind politicians of every flavour that we are not happy with them.
    To be brutally honest, it makes no difference when the election is called. The harsh truth is that I am struggling to find any of the bottom feeding leeches that are worthy of a vote.
    We need fundemental change and I think the only answer now is direct democracy, take the power away from proffesional politicians. They have been measured and found wanting.
    How we achieve those changes I do not know, I have no faith in any meaningful change from those in power
  6. Couldn't agree more, I thought this wiffed strongly of a deception plan as soon as I heard it.

    TFOTMI the Tories have had their noses in the feed bag as much as anyone and Cameron is trying to make political ground based on the lack of popularity for Labour NOT on his or his parties reputation for straight dealing.

    Cameron is a repellent, two dimensional, sound bite-ist.

    The son of God may have walked on water but even he wasn't arrogant enough to try and walk across a cesspit and think he would come out smelling of roses.
  7. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I don't think anyone comes out of this looking good. But the Tory core values of small government and self reliance champion Labour dumbing down and wealth re-distribution any day.

    I can't imagine the spice girls making more of a mess than this current amateur collection of failures. Lets have an election and start again.
  8. Bit stuffed chaps for a credible opposition unless you can muster a majority, not sure where from, but if you can I might listen! . Not sure I go with your assesment of Cameron, but what we can agree on is this bunch of tossers have to go, without redundancy pay outs and with their gold cards cut up at reception when they clear their offices in Portcullis House.
  9. Exactly. Our absolute priority at the moment should be getting Labour out of power before they screw us over any more...
  10. Harriet Harman's (in)equality bill anyone?
  11. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    I was listening to Radio 4 yesterday and an MP, Neue Arbeit IIRC, said the most jaw-dropping statement I have heard so far..

    "We politicians have lost control of our own destiny."

    Now forgive, but am I naive in thinking that the PRINCIPLE of having an elected representative in the House of Commons was exactly the opposite and that they should always be at the mercy of the voting public? (rhetorical question).

    The extraordinay arrogance of these people is beyond my comprehension. All parties need to have a cleansing of its people to restore its integrity. Parliament is a shambles, has lost the faith of the people whom they are supposed to represent and we have a speaker that is doggedly defending the old ways. Further, we have a PM in self-denial, incapable of hearing truth unless it is 'sandwiched' between good news, has a petitioning system (e-petition) that rejects any subject that attacks the present governement for its decisions.

    We also have two leaders of the opposition that are opportunist and lacking in real substance and depth to form an effective future replacement. The third tier are squabbling over the scraps and wholly ineffectual.

    I agree with Cameron - we need a General Election now. But I doubt many have any trust in any politician - that will take a long time to rebuild.

    We need to tackle the issues of today:

    Parliamentary reform
    Judicial reform
    Immigration (linked with unemployment and the welfare state)

    No party, as yet has been able to demonstrate that they have coherent policies on any of these subjects.

    These subjects are not those that are to be spouted as BNP or UKIP -esque topics - they are real that all parties need to bring coherency to in order to sail the sinking ship out of the mess it is currently in.

    Rant over - and Ashie don't bother answering - you will get this thread locked as well with your gibberish.
  12. Cameron drones on about small government while remaining a commited europhile who has no genuine interest in the UK's future.

    The self proclaimed 'heir to Blair' bottled it when questioned on his opinion of the speaker,hiding behind parlimentary protocal just as much as that odious shit Martin did today.

    He has bottled it on the speaker and on Europe and is now attempting the same sort of bandwagon jumping that Bliar was so fond of.

    I firmly believe that the future of this country depends on the Libertarian wing of the conservative party,not this posturing fraud.

    Welcome to the new era of BlueLabour.
  13. Cameroon doesn't want an election, he's full of sh*t, rather obvious and pathetic really. MP's haven't yet realised that the games up, after the hammering they will receive at the elections on the 4th I can see the honest MP's realising the real situation and kicking out the dishonest ones.

    This farce has made me realise two things.

    1. The Lib - Dems could become a serious player if they play their cards right.

    2. Proportional representation is a good idea.

    If the Liberals kick out their dodgy MP's (Flipping homes etc) they can instantly claim to be the only party to have sorted themselves out and to have clean hands as well as promise to make sure that no party has the absolute power that the Conservatives and Labour have misused.

    Just an idea.....
  14. I don't like to defend the waster but;

    It is the job of the speaker to defend the back benchers against the powerful front benchers which is why its the job of the back benchers to get rid of him.
  15. As I understand it the speakers reply(after having to ask a clerk even though he has been in post for 9 years :roll: ) was no.

    I can find the footage and the speakers fumbling manner made it hard to understand what was said so if I am wrong then I am happy to hear otherwise.