Cameron Spence - Any Good?

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Kaye, Aug 30, 2009.

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  1. Just bought a cheap arrse second hand book by a guy called Cameron Spence. It's called 'All Necessary Measures.' I heard his around here as belonging to the McNab, Ryan, Curtis and Ratcliffe kind of author.

    I decided to read it anyway because it's about Bosnia and this interests me. I believe the siege of Gorazde will show up somewhere in the book.

    Anyway: What I have is an awful Dutch translation where English remarks and sayings are literally translated and the translator makes some major mistakes in translating military jargon.

    Here's my point: Is the actual book (in English) by Spence any good and is it worth coughing up some money to order the original version?

    *Edited, because I forgot to mention the original English title...
  2. Thanks Mistersoft. But I believe that the good people at Amazon are inclined to be positive about anything. Untill recently they were pretty impressed by the works of a certain Mr. Shortt!

    I lend more weight to the way people here appreciate military literature. Have you read Spence? What do you think about his work?
  3. it's a very good read and shows the frustration of being a British soldier working under the UN ROE. The finale is edge of your seat and has been written about by another who was there who corroborates the story (a downed Brit pilot - I will try and see if I can find the name of the book)

    Just found it - No Escape Zone: One Man's True Story of a Journey to Hell by Nick Richardson - a RN Harrier pilot who was shot down outside Gorazde and who teamed up with Spence and his patrol
  4. Apart from having to withstand an abysmal translation it does bring images from the 90-ies. The frustration and complete idiocy of the UNPROFOR mandate and the mess and mud of winters on the Balkan...

    Still have to get to the part where the main characters end up in Gorazde.

    How much of the book is true?
  5. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I read Spence's Sabre Squadron quite some time ago which ISTR was about what one of the Them squadrons got up to on Granby.

    I thought it was well-written, probably better than either Ryan or McNab.
  6. Wasn't the pilot Nick Richardson? Or a similar name anyway. His book is No Escape Zone.
  7. Interesting from my viewpoint as it as the only account available of a French army aviation (ALAT) Puma helicopter exfiltrating an SAS patrol from Gorazde...very little known fact made all the more interesting by the fact that, IIRC, according to the author, other air forces refused to carry out the mission.
  10. Billy Liar?
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