Cameron Speech

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Office_Linebacker, Oct 1, 2008.

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  1. On now, just did a big section on troops and Afgahn
  2. On what a table?
  3. Nothing new I fancy.
  4. What's a "speach"?

    Oh don't bother, I can see you have issues with grammar and spelling...
  5. Actually say he going to do anything about it? Thought not.
  6. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    A kind of fruit.
  7. Better than that he's getting rid of risk assessments and absurd CRB checks. I'll vote for anyone who reduces my bone paperwork by threefold!
  8. I dont like the man but the speech is cracking. A good 5 minutes on the military, promises (yes I know!) on equipment and treatment of those who fight for us. And not just 2 sentences a-la Cyclops last week.
  9. Sorry about my appalling grammar and spelling. I was tabbing between speech and ARRSE and hence it was a rushed post. Please do not sacrifice me to New Labour spelling gods.

    Thought the speech itself was superb. Will post the Iplayer linky when it is up
  10. I think it's one of those genetically modified mongfruits. A Special peach.

    Ah, how kind. Saves me walking over to the coatrack.
  11. Axiom: don't believe politicians.
  12. Another Axiom: Don't trust a russkie. Even a plastic one.

    And if I remember my Sven Hassel:

    Job tvoyemadje!
  13. Excellent. I'm hoping to be accepted to help out with various local youth groups - Brownies, Guides, Cheerleaders etc. A decrease in paperwork will be most welcome.

    Pete O'Phile
  14. An excellent test to detect faked 'Russians'. Every native Russian speaker immediately would correct this (frequently used prase)

    Yob tvoyu mat' = F.... your mother.

    It is so frequently used that the phrase almost lost its initial meaning. Sometimes it is relatively soft expression of unsatisfaction.
  15. Don't worry. Dave himself quoted the president of the Spelling Society as saying that you can spell words any way you please.