Cameron snubs Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner at the G20 summit in Mexico

David Cameron has refused to accept a letter about the Falkland Islands from Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner at the G20 summit in Mexico.

The pair came face to face during the first working session involving leaders of the 20 countries.
The Argentine lobby briefed reporters that Mr Cameron declined to talk to Ms Fernandez about the sovereignty of the islands.
He told her she should "respect the views" of islanders, who are due to hold a referendum on the archipelago's political status.
She tried to hand him an envelope which he rejected. The envelope is said to have contained around 40 or so United Nations resolutions on the Falklands.
It comes after Mr Cameron criticised Argentina for undermining attempts to restore global growth through protectionist measures on trade.
Speaking to a business audience ahead of the official opening of the Los Cabos summit, Mr Cameron did not mention Argentina by name, but said that there was "one G20 member" which had imposed protectionist measures which threatened to harm the global economy.
There was no doubt that his comments referred to Argentina, which earlier this year sparked fury by nationalising the oil company YPF, largely owned by Spanish firm Repsol.
Buenos Aires has also imposed new requirements on the movement of financial assets designed to shore up its own economy.
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Falkland Islands: David Cameron Refuses Argentina President Fernandez's Letter | World News | Sky News


Book Reviewer
well you cant blame him for not accepting anything, thats how court writs etc.. are given out.

it could even have been an invitation to appear on the BA version of jeremy kyle :)
Just watching C4 news. Noticed melted face is trying to cosy up to Putin. I wonder if she is commando knowing that Putin is back in the game?
Putin is well known for his heroic horse riding, bear fighting, shark wrestling, activities - however I doubt even he would tackle Ms KFC even if she was double bagged.
Actually in the envelope there was an invitation to Michael LaVells and Bill Roach's Christmas party.

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