Cameron replies - British Forces News interview

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by BFBS Insider, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. I think Camerons actions speak far louder than his weasle words.

    He considers funding the EU more important than funding defence.

    He should resign.
  2. They do.

    He does.

    He wont.
  3. Not as if we have an empire to defend any longer. As long as we have enough troops to retake Bradford. Heard on the news that empashis is to be on preventing wars. "Hello mr Taliban would you like a cuppa, can we talk about this" ?
  4. Here is a hypothetical scenario. If the Isle of Man were to declare independence the joint services could cope , but if the Isle of Wight were to join in it would be a severe case of overstretch.
  5. The Isle of Man is sort of technically independent already, isn't it?
  6. I might have known someone would pick up on that, they are still a British Crown Dependency but I agree it was a bad choice.
  7. I have a very strong feeling that the future Mrs Milliband is measuring up for curtains at No 10!
  8. Why is she doing interior design for the opposition now?
  9. Cameron is the First British PM since WWI to leave the UK without any fixed wing Carrier aircraft. He has made the RN weaker than at any time in its previous history. He is little better than a traitor.
  10. Remember Cameron's big speech about the military covenant....

    An Island Nation with 5 billion pounds worth of seaborne car parks, because surely a carrier without aircraft is little more than that.

    Thanks Dave, you lying Etonian T**T
  11. He is just like an politico a thieving, lying baaaaaaaaaasstard
  12. Just announced on Sky News.... a soldier from 33 Engr Regt has been killed in Helmand.

    RIP from us all lad.

    No doubt Cameron will be thinking "1 down.... 6999 left to go"

    Treasonous b*stard!
  13. Oh dear. Don't tell me that when C***eron whinged about Gordon Brown not coughing up enough money to replace Snatch or buy helicopters you thought he would be any better? Naive plonkers. But maybe you aren't old enough to remember the devastation the last Con government wrought on the economy everywhere outside London and the southeast.
  14. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    No doubt we will still be ringfencing 9 billion a year for foreign aid.

    Has it not occurred to any of these so-called 'bright as buttons' Etonians that if they ringfenced just 6 billion for foreign aid this year, they would save the equivalent of 8% of the Defence Budget, and nobody would have to be sacked, or downsized through natural wastage etc... Or am I missing something here?