Cameron proposes to end welfare culture

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Taffnp, Jun 26, 2012.

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  1. [h=1]Is this the moment Cameron starts to pull Britain out of the mire – and proves he’s got a spine?[/h]
    Intends to abolish housing benefit for under 25s, child benefit for third child to be stopped and Dole for those who have sucked on the teat for two years.

    I totally agree with him as a working taxpayer, however, I would go further and say that single mothers who have never worked and find themselves pregnant should not be entitled to a council house and subsequent benefits. The father (if known) would be responsible for paying for his offspring. If he is not working, money could be deducted from his benefit. A condom is much cheaper!

    Read more: Is this the moment Cameron starts to pull Britain out of the mire ¿ and proves he¿s got a spine? | Mail Online

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  2. Why is it the phrase 'U-turn' is striding towards the conversation in eager anticipation?
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  3. I very much agree with it in theory, unfortunately I don't think it will become policy before the next election when enough chumps will vote Labour back into power, and the idea will be quickly buried as the wailing social workers and lawyers once again take over parliament. I could be wrong though!
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  4. Melanie Phillips is an idiot and not to be taken seriously. She thinks she is much cleverer than she is.
  5. He's full of shit! No housing benefit for under 25's is possibly the most idiotic policy any PM has ever conceived! Ignorant, Eton fuckwitt! He needs to focus on immigration as it's bringing Britain to its knees!
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  6. Camerons brain child of cutting welfare to under 25's is hitting the wrong spot. He is out of touch with reality - he will lose power by doing this. He will find this deeply unpopular. He needs to be addressing his taxtion system more of the 1% and re-addressing the banking system, which is totally flaw and deigned to the super rich and and doesnt economically benefit the poeople who deserve it the most. Have a look at Positive Money | A simple solution to the debt crisis
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  7.'s housing benefit for immigrant under 25's.. !!
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  8. I think Comedy Dave's time in Downing Street won't be repeated
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  9. Well at least it won't affect Kensington and Chelsea, there can't be any under 25s that need bens there.
  10. WRONG!
  11. He has already said this would be a policy for a second term - i.e. it won't happen any time soon.
  12. msr

    msr LE

    Could someone explain why people without a job are funded by someone in gainful employment to live in a house which they could not afford even if they were working?

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  13. IRRC Maggie stopped under 25 year old´s from getting anything unless they were on job training or other government training schemes?
    There´s no incentive to find work if you get your money paid into the bank without having to do fcuk all to get it,maybe a nice long wait in the rain in a dole queue might wake a few of the chronically lazy up!
    Uncontrolled immigration is the real problem though and nobody´s got a fcuking clue as even how to start chewing on that carrot!
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  14. I wish someone would tell Obama that.

    BTW, with a healthy birthrate and increasing overpopulation why is ANYONE getting child benefit?
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  15. And this is why UK plc will eventually run completely out of money.
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