Cameron proposes citizen service

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Andy_Caps_Commando, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. Well, i am sure that this has been discussed on here prior to today some time in the past, will this resurect the discussions between the political parties again, and then for it to be sent packing :?:


    Radio 2 did a piece on it too! Maybe he might be on to something, you never know :) As long as he left the forces out of it and used some one else he may have a point :idea:
  2. Yeah, but its not compulsary, which means none of the little bastards its supposed to be combatting will do it.
  3. He's been reading my mind...I always said that a pure military based National service would not really work and possibly not benefit HM Forces but a wider type of service with a mix of work in the community, with charities and an emphasis on pushing the kids, challenging them and making them feel good about themselves and their country is whats needed. I would hope that there would be a good element of discipline to it and not all feely feely (not a reference to anything paedo!) and does not become something like the Duke of Edinbugh award / Scout movement / Blue Peter badge...
  4. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Still being done now, Bundeswehr dienst or civil dienst - albeit the flags/uniforms have changed (at least during duty hours) :wink:

    The boxheads are moving away from it though, and the French and others have also sacked the idea of national service in recent years.

    I think Dave the Boy has the makings of a good idea - with a bit of encouragement and direction it could be a useful method. Every teenager could spend 3-6 months doing/learning something constructive without impact, and probably enhancement to, education or career.
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

  6. Hardly a punishment these days, there's no bugger worth voting for.
  7. 3-4 months after school and before college/university/job starts. No dole unless you attend. Learn new life skills such as feeding yourself, teamwork, collective responsibility, fitness and charector building, community service.

    Pull in some of the volunary organisations: Op Raleigh, Duke of Edinburgh, Scouts and Guides etc.

    Public and private sectors asked to provide some of their brightest and best as leaders and role models. Sportsmen and women, celebrities, business leaders to inspire (you'd have to fight the likes of Beardie Branson away with a sh*tty stick).

    Universities, colleges and schools to provide facilities. Government and private funding.

    Loads of ways it could work, however it all collapses because this government doesn't believe in the values that would be developed. In addition, none of the Yuman rites brigade would agree to youngsters being forced off street onto scheme like this.
  8. Stupid idea from a stupid man.
  9. Its bollox in my opinion. The only people it will attract will be the same ones who do the ACF, Scout s and D of E etc. Your average hoodie scumbag will not want to know as it will interfere with his white lightning drinking and pushing war veterans in canals. I imagine too that the kids that do do it will have the piss ripped out of them no end for being nerdy. If it was compulsory it would be a different matter but would you want to be one of the adults giving supervision to a bunch of scumbags who really dont want to be there?
  10. And how the Guardian views it; "National Service".,,2163511,00.html

    Barking idea which will, as a previous poster has already mentioned, only attract the people who do D of E, Raleigh, etc.

    Tell you a better way to spend the money to be wasted on this band aid political measure, build more jails, then arrest and sentance the feckers when they break the law.

    As for taking the scrotes who this is aimed at, yeah I'd take them on a range ........if they can be used as targets (Is this allowed?).
  11. Great Idea.It must NOT be similar to the national service we all knew about back in the 40's & 50's etc.ALL youngsters should complete a service for two years where they are all put to work on behalf of the communities where they come from.Doing all sorts of jobs like looking after pensioners gardens and doing supervised jobs in and around their houses,keeping the streets and parks clean, getting rid of graffiti,learning skills such as joinery,plumbing,electrician skills,the list is long.That way the youngsters can at least use their energy to do something for themselves and earn some money at the same time.Keep the military out of it though.
  12. if your going to do it do it do it properly
    national service were going to send an infantry division to Afghanistan anyone between 16-25 is liable for call up by lottery failure to turn up 5 years in jail :twisted:
    nah didd'nt think so so why bother