Cameron Pledges Extra £8.3 Billion on Spending

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Feb 16, 2007.

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  1. Just reported on Channel 4

    With todays tax breaks for married couples, Camerons spending pledges topeed £8 billion. Other Tory spending plans include drug rehabilitation, more prisons and abolishing stamp duty on shares
  2. Does he promise increased defence spending, I would be interested to know that?
  3. Not so far, if He was going to then He would have said so in Basra, wouldn't he
  4. well all politicians lie dont they sven :bom:
  5. Not this one (when and if I get voted in)
  6. I thought that the Monster Raving Loony Party had disbanded?!

  7. They justrebranded it the Tory Story Party

  8. I'll vote for you mate, just for the enjoyment factor, go unsettle the rest of them fcukwits :meditate:
  9. Hell they can spend what they want - Brown is spending £14 billion on Tax Credits; £2 billion on asylum; and zillions on PFI; plus £12 billion on the EU and raking in £122 billion through Income Tax; £80 billion in National Insurance, £28 billion in Corporation Tax; £75 billion in VAT
  10. And if they do spend that much extra when they come into power, where will the tax cuts come from

  11. Tax cuts, thats a laugh :elephant:
  12. No need for tax cuts, cull the civil service, stop the immigrants arriving and claiming, reduce prison time by shooting sex offenders, cut MP's by 50%, cut MP's expenses by 75% (any other fcukwit putting in such laughable claims would be fcuked over by the vat man) cut benifits to chav's who are on the benifit for life rollacoaster, reduce bed managers in the NHS from one per bed to one per 20 beds. that is just what I can think off without trying.

    Unfortunatley most of the above will vote nu cnut, because there jobs/liveleyhood depend on it.

    B'lair and co have presided over a fundamental demagraphic change in this country through social engineering/dependancy so people will vote labour and keep the dictatorship going.

    I personally go to bed every night praying to wake up to the news the cnut blair is dead.

    I still can't spell.

  13. Only when they open their mouths

  14. As we spend no less than £123.8 billion on quangos

    (Torygraph report or Public Bodies 2006 report if you want the full, official documentation)

    I daresay that taking some of the money spent on these organisations could, perhaps, get us to £8.3 billion fairly smartly.

    I'm sure the quangos wouldn't begrude smaller expenses packages (I think I saw that one gives £450 per day to members), and struggling on with the paltry £114 billion that'd be left...