Cameron: Now we must do our duty by our Servicemen and women

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bobthedog, Jun 19, 2010.

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  1. Hurrah for Dave. I note with interest that he makes no mention of the swingeing cuts that will be undertaken post SDR.

    I'll keep the champers on Ice til then, if its all the same to you.
  2. Well done Dave, he has kept a election promise.

  3. Cracking article.
  4. Why am i feeling so sceptical about this announcement?
    Why don't i trust MPs?
    I can only hope and pray that the right honourable gentleman is not leading us all down the garden path on this one!
    I noticed that Cameron made these promises whilst in a theatre of war, so lets hope this is not a limited commitment designed by his spin doctors to boost morale only.
    So us war pensioners can expect a rosy future would it be fair to say then?
    Can i look forward to be able to afford a full English every morning from the bread and water budget that we are forced to live off? :)
    Fix the Military Covenant Cameron and i just might send you a Christmas card this year. :D ..... We can but live in hope!
  5. I’ve always thought that Labour supported the war but disagreed with the Armed Services.
    I think conservatives may have it the other way round.
  6. Ha ... Time will tell my friend.