Cameron: KGB tried to recruit me

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by india-juliet, May 27, 2006.

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  1. Conservative leader David Cameron says he believes KGB agents may have tried to recruit him during his gap year.
    In an interview for BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs he told how suspect agents "interrogated" him in Yalta in what may have been a recruitment drive.

    The suspected KGB approach from Russian intelligence came while he was travelling in his year out between school and university.

    He met a friend in Moscow and went to Yalta on the Black Sea coast, where two Russians speaking "perfect English" had turned up on a beach mostly used by foreigners.

    "They took us out to dinner and interrogated us in a friendly way about life in England and what we thought and politics," he said.

    "We were obviously very careful and guarded in what we said but later when I got to university my politics tutor said that was definitely an attempt."

    Yehh whatever Cameron, KGB tried to recruit me in a Pub of Rupert Street SW1 whilst having a Guinness & a packet of Nobbys Nuts!!
  2. bloody daft !

    cameron at his lying slippery propaganda again !....

    wait 'til the lads get hold of this ...

    ps.don't believe a word this over-privileged lying, smarmy, totally disingenuous twat says...

  3. Nothing outlandish about that. It's totally believable. What I can't accept is his choice of Benny Hill's Ernie
  4. The alleged KGB man was probably looking for a date and liked Camerons eye colour :lol:

  5. hee hee good one !
  6. probably turned into a HOT gay encounter !... :D

    Cameron now so troubled with guilt and shame about this memory ....he's kinda trying to turn it into something else.....
  7. He this could be a big seller at the next Gay Pride festival in London. Imagine the video title " Cameron dose Moscow" :lol:
  8. I'm not sure that it was the attempt to 'recruit'.

    My wife graduated in the high school of KGB (German section). Cadets at the school were trained in many ways. For example in a conversation with a foreigner a cadet should get as many information as possible.

    So it was not a recruitment itself, rather a tarining of future recruiters. As for methods... then there is a lot of them. Some are very effective. That time me.Cameron was apparently not an interesting object (though now likely too).
  9. So sergey, did your wife recruit using a honey trap?
  10. Sergey, are you leading us to beleive that your Wife was in the KGB & Yourself, you was a recruiter? or am I just picking up the wrong end of the stick here. I used to have a beer or two with former Russian Assistant Defence Attache in London then ended up being interviewd by Box. Jesus I was only having a few beers, not plotting the downfall of HMG!!
  11. Was that the famous pick up line, " Come back to my place and meet my Uncle Sasha!!"
  12. Look lads leave him alone hes just covering his arrse! :D
  13. No doubt I myself was trapped. And only after that she went to the high school of KGB. Her service in counter intelligence was short and she retired as lieutenant.
  14. I recommend the book Moscow Station by Ronald Kessler, A classic example of the Sgt Lonetree saga and the Honey Traps.
  15. It is indeed a pure truth.

    No, no. I myself was not in KGB.