Cameron in Race row as Tories say Enoch Powell was right

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by boizrus66, Nov 4, 2007.

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  1. Well personally I feel that Immigration has done a lot of positive things for the UK, if we look back in history we have had waives of immigrants arrive, whether its the french hugeunots,Jews,Poles, Indians, Pakistanis,West Indians etc etc it what creates the rich and cultural diversity we have today and wouldnt life be boring without them, can you imagine no Curries, Chinese food, French food.,,2205014,00.html
  2. Terrorism, honour killings, race riots...Yeah, life would be really fcuking boring without all that.

    For some people, it would also have lasted longer...
  3. There have been many positive aspects to immigration into the UK.
    But Bitain is a boit over full now, 60 odd million people is a little to much for a small island. Cant simply keep cramming more people in.
  4. The big problem isn't with immigration per ase, it's with umlimited immigration that is overloading our services. A gentle influx of aliens over a period of time is manageable but not what amounts to an invasion. Thinking about it would we really be any worse off without curries, chinese food and French food?, there;s nothing wrong with British cuisine and there was a lot less obesity aboutv when all we did was chips perhaps once a wek and the rest of the time stuck to roast and veg. I think there is far too much made off the benefits we derive from immigration and not enough attention given to thebn good things in our culture. Along with millions in this country I have nothing against immigrants I only have problems with massive numbers and the ones who want to change our way of life.
  5. I have agreed with Enoch for years, this country is out of control with Jonny Foreigner.
  6. I understand what you are saying re the benefits of different takeaways, but 'british cuisine'? That is the very definition of oxymoron. 8O
  7. Enoch was right in everything he said
  8. Btw, I think cameron is being very 'political' here. He, or rather his party, admits that there is not much that can be done about EU immigration. So he keeps banging on about immigration in general, without proposing anything that is workable.

    He is, after all, a politician in a democracy. By definition, his primary job function is to remain elected, and he has acted accordingly.

    By chanting the mantra 'immigration is out of control', imo he is trying to convince the politically-uninterested that he actually has a full-blown policy in hand.

    The only thing of substance that I have heard from his party re the immigration issue is the proposal to limit the number of new EU (romania, bulgaria) immigrants. That has apparently been taken up by labour.

    So what else does the Conservatives have other than rhetoric?
  9. Christophers Booker's comments into todays Telegraph.

    Controlling immigration is no longer in our power

    It may have seemed an easy target when David Cameron last week took Gordon Brown to task over immigration and accused him of "taking the British people for fools". Not only was the Government caught out relying on figures four years out of date in estimating the number of foreign workers at 800,000 rather than 1.6 million, but its own Office of National Statistics then weighed in by predicting that within 10 years the population of the UK will have risen by a further 5 million to 65 million.

    Mr Cameron was rightly cautious in saying that the first step towards controlling immigration was to be "clear about what we can directly control". Under EU law, we can do little to restrict the right of residence of anyone from the other 26 member states. We also have no power to restrict the entry of asylum seekers, since this too is an EU competence.

    In short, we no longer have any control over easily the greatest number of would-be immigrants. But, Mr Cameron claimed, at least a Conservative government would insist that spouses of British residents coming from non-EU countries would have to be 21 and able to speak basic English. Even this, however - as he would realise if he studied EU directive 2004/38 – would be illegal discrimination.

    So there is really very little Mr Cameron can honestly promise in the way of controlling immigration. He might also bear in mind Article 62 of the new EU treaty. This proposes to abolish any remaining controls "on persons, whatever their nationality, when crossing internal borders". In other words, once someone had got into any part of the EU, from Africa, Asia or anywhere else, we would have no way to stop them coming to Britain. When it comes to immigration control, I am afraid Mr Cameron will have to accept that it is game, set and match to our real government – the one which now rules us from Brussels.

    What was it Edward Heath told us back in 1973? "There are some in this country who fear that in going into Europe we shall in some way sacrifice independence and sovereignty. These fears, I need hardly say, are completely unjustified."

    Sir Winston Churchill in 1953 said: "We are with Europe, but not of it. We are linked, but not comprised. We are associated, but not absorbed, and should a European statesman address us and say 'Shall we speak for thee?' we should reply, 'Nay sir, for we dwell among our own people.' "
  10. I'm as partial to a Peking Duck as the next man. (That's the Chinese delicacy by the way - not Cockney rhyming slang).

    Despite that, I view as disgraceful an immigration system that provides free housing and state benefits for taliban terrorists who fought British soldiers, while wounded servicemen are evicted from their homes.

    Over the last few months, the public attitude towards immigration has changed from a bemused awareness to alarm. To dismiss the legitimate concerns of ordinary people by shouting 'racist' at them is offensive. The government's increasing fondness for playing the race card every time anybody disagrees with them damages their argument and trivialises a desperately serious issue.
  11. Good answer.

    I had the misfortune of having to spend the weekend in Peterboroughistan it's a sh*thole full of scrounging immigrants.
  12. I read Enoch Powells speech this morning on the tinter web and have to say its not far of the mark to be fair.
  13. Enoch has been proven right.

    Blood has run down our streets because of immigration.

    I don't believe it has improved the way of life in this country, quite the opposite in fact.

    Read Christopher Booker's book "The Great Deception" for the truth about the EU.
  14. I must admit I get pretty F**king hacked off when I read of the so-called benefits of immigration to the country. :x Apparently it's responsible for our "vibrancy" (whatever the hell that is) not to mention our "diversity"! I must remember that when the next bus is blown-up. What annoys me most is the casual assumption that the UK must have been some kind of drab, cultureless, anti -intellectual hell-hole prior to the arrival of the Empire Windrush. One wonders how this dreadful boring little island managed to stay afloat for the previous thousand years, never mind founding the greatest Empire the world has ever seen and, as Niall Ferguson puts it, "made the Modern World" :roll:
  15. I get a little annoyed at the immigration rows sweeping the country - because my family are just that - immigrants. And we've supported this country, observed the laws, I'm a serving soldier, my siblings are all gainfully employed and contributing to this country, as are my parents. We continue to put in more than we take, but don't ask for our old "national" traditions to be recognised, or for special holidays because we're from X and believe in Y, we just get on with it, because we're now British. If England are playing rugby, we support them, not X where we came from. We cheer Britain in the Olympics, watch the Queens speech at Christmas, and can just about cope with Marmite sandwiches.

    What I can't understand is some of these people who want to take their cultural baggage with them when they emigrate to the UK - we came here for a better life, understanding that we had to give some things up in exchange. The only reason people think Enoch Powell was right was because this country gave up immigration controls, and surrendered it's national and regional identities to a bunch of well intending but weak politicians and civil servants who are AFRAID to confront the non-indigenous bigots who come across, preach hatred and intolerance, subject their women to demeaning and tribal behaviour, would see non-believers executed, homosexuals and lesbians butchered, do I need to go on?

    If we insisted on assimilation and integration, as opposed to the parallel societies we see, then the threat of Enoch's rivers would be forever stemmed. If we controlled the amount of immigrants, then time and resources could be found to ensure that they were fully integrated, and fully welcomed by our society.

    It's about time this democracy protected itself, otherwise the hard work and sacrifices, not just of the Armed Forces, but the likes of the suffragettes (who fought for the right of women), the abolitionists and other such organisations and people, will be lost forever.

    By the way, it's amazing that we can put up with doormen in nightclubs turning away indesirables, but the same thing cannot be done at the borders of this country. Whatever happened to ROAR? Right Of Admission Reserved?