Cameron going to lend money to people who carn't afford a mortgage

Discussion in 'Economics' started by BONNACON, Nov 22, 2011.

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  1. And a new toxic sub-prime lending scheme commences.
  2. What a brilliant idea!!

    Bill Clinton and Congressman Barney Frank used the Community Reinvestment Act to do this and it did amazing things for the financial system over here. ...... erm, Oh wait!!!
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  3. Ideal, lets cut out the middle men, we can have another American style property cash and watch all our tax money go up in smoke without all those moaning vampire bankers cashing in!

    I've got an even better idea, when someone loses all his money by placing bad bets on the horses etc. the state simply gives it all back to him! Marvelous idea don't you think? Sadly it's not mine though, the government bailout of the Loyds underwriters some years ago was exactly that!
  4. Someone remind me, just which planet does this bloke come from?
  5. Well somebody must of voted for him
  6. Lending money to grubs who can't or have no intention of paying it back?There's a reason these dead shits can't get a bank loan.
  7. What an instant **** up. First time young couple move into an estate of 2 bed semis all built like cornflakes boxes with those thin walls especially designed so the elderly neighbour can hear their enthusiastic bonking 27/7, for £200,000, whilest not affording it , 2 years later its worth £170,000, couple are struggling. Now they have lost any deposit, free subsidy or not. Still it will keep Britains population in check..... young professional couples who are trying to do all the right things will be afraid of starting a family due to their financial situation, mainly due to this new house they have decided to buy, BUT thats OK because our immigrants will make up for it.

  8. yeah. mostly to hard working Americans who were too busy working at the car body shop or the meat packing plant to look into getting a degree in financial management to see through the opaqueness that is/was the loan/banking industry system.

    In god we trust...... all others pay cash.
  9. Not a very attractive advert for any government when loads of people have the homes they can no longer afford repossessed by a government that needs re-electing, or have I missed something here?
  10. As a True Blue Tory, I do not support this idea, Dave, Get a ****ing grip!!
  11. You on the Viagra then?
  12. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Having listened to the housing minister and watched his performance when he was heavily outnumbered by intelligent life on Newsnight last night. This is actually a great move for Coalition fans,they have scrimped, scraped and sold everything of value. As a last resort they've raided the parents savings and still can't get a deposit up for a vastly overpriced house with an 80% mortgage. So the taxpayer is going to underwrite a 95% mortgage which they probably can't afford. Interest rates go up, or prices fall further and they lose the house, their savings, their parents savings and everything they have slogged for over the years. Who on earth thought this one up? But it's obviously aimed at a better class of sub prime loaners.
  13. All in the same week that unemployment of 16-24yr olds or '*****' as they are known tops 1 million, to male them feel better we are going to give them houses? At least public transport, crime and the roads will be better in the next few years as the vast chunk of unemployed will be in their nice new houses watching Jezza on our dollar.

    The futures bright...
  14. At least the bailiffs will be busy...