Cameron: Free gig tickets for troops.

Not sure if its been posted.


BRITAIN'S war heroes will get into top sports matches and concerts FREE in a historic deal organised by Tory leader David Cameron.
Tickets for Troops, unveiled exclusively in The Sun, will let the country say thanks to Our Boys and Girls.

Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs and Wigan football clubs have signed up, along with Surrey County Cricket Club, rugby, athletics and basketball bosses and boxing promoter Frank Warren.
Can't help but feeling it will all be tosh if they did get into power.

Be put right down the end of the list to use the budget on and we'll just get forgotten again.


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Don't see why not
there was something similer after Granby tickets for the FA cup semis at Wembley IIRC

16 of us got free tickets to go and see the Yankees in New York whilst on exercise
They put tickets aside for Forces and Emergency services as a matter of course

Soon to be hijacked by The Sun I should imagine

This makes EVERYTHING just really OK and absolutely tickety fecking boo !!!!!

Let's not wonder about Tory defence policy (would involve big hard words and the 10% thing), let's just be happy that we've got free tickets to Glos Mongs v Clachnicudden, or whatever.

Can we do anything to stop the military being used as a source of cheap political points ????

alternatively, how can I stop drinking to the point I cannot see the good in anything ??????????????????


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