Cameron EU Rebate

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by cernunnos, Jun 28, 2013.

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  1. "Briten-Rabatt" Does that mean I get a 10% discount on all my shopping bills?
    More seriously that's more points for him in the next elections, which despite his being a bit of a self abuse artist is a better bet than Labour getting in.

    Footnote: Teutoburger Wald darkest Germany? That's Bavaria, ah wait a moment, the Rupublica Bavaria is a foreing country; you may be right after all.
  2. Shirley,the Teutoburger Wald is Nord Rhein Westphallen,the scene of many exercise deployments,nicht wahr? :excited:
  3. It will be an excuse not to have a referendum!!!
  4. BBC on this

    Note the PM's quote:

    Are we to assume that he relaxes by watching R Lee Ermey? Or (whisper it gently) is he an occasional reader of this site, picking up the odd bit of terminology here and there? (and then applying it in the manner of an airsofter when conversing).
  5. Here's another link.

    David Cameron sees off EU budget ambush with ‘loaded gun’ | The Times

    I must say that I agree with the sentiment but the terminology is cringe-worthy. Maybe next time he can threaten, 'Yo Sarko, I'm gonna bust a CAP (geddit) in yo ass'.
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  6. I take it you missed school with a poorly tummy on the day that they covered European geography!
  7. Central Office policy: