Cameron dons a hood

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frenchperson, Jul 9, 2006.

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  1. He wants their votes when they grow up

  2. He knows they get a raw deal just for wearing hoods and wants to set the record straight

  1. Tube.
  2. Why doesn't he try a baseball cap, it did wonders for his predecessor William Hague....what's that? Oh, sorry, ix-nay on the aseall-bay cap...and put your tie back on you freak!
  3. Sound like Tony Blair Mk. 2
  4. He's worse, I don't know how it could possibly happen. If this man is voted in God help us all, cos noone else will
  5. What does this guy know about kids on the street? It's very simple, hiding your face makes you anonymous and has two effects;

    1)It stops anyone being able to identify you after you had to 'cut a G'

    2)It will give you more of a courage boost to perform this act in the first place. Anyone who's read Lord of the Flies will understand how the kids changed once they used the face paint.
  6. What I liked is there was a story in the news a few months ago about a group of oldies that had taken to wearing hoodies, so they were no longer "cool" to kids, because grannies were wearing them.

    My mother isn't exactly young (or a chav), but owns two hoodies because they're warm and comfortable. I also own two (with my old/new university name on), but wouldn't be seen dead with hood up.

    So basically if we can get Cameron and as many middle/upper classes + oldies into hoodies it might put the current crop off their particular clothing choice
  7. I suspect the only thing he knows about hoods is from his experience of pulling his own.
  8. What exactly is wrong with hoodies? It's just a fashion! At some point, some plongo somewhere saw the black kids in America running around "da 'hood" with a hood and thought they looked well 'ard, so he emulated them.

    In the Fifties, anyone who was wearing a drape (with optional velvet collar), drainpipes and brothel creepers was to be avoided. Then along came the Mods and Rockers, to be replaced in turn by Punks. Who were replaced by.....

    Why is there such a need to categorise "da yoof"? Interesting question from a sociological standpoint.

  9. I do actually agree with whats he trying to say.
    When I go out, I honestly try and blend in as much as possible.

    I dont wear anything that will draw attention to myself or my friends.
    Also when Im on my own ill adopt the "slouched, bored look" so any chav looking will just see someone who doesnt look worth it, while if you stand with your back straight, you look like an arrogent rich boy who deserves a kicking.
  10. Well being 18 I'm part of the 'yoof'. Having been abused by complete cowards that wouldn't try and attack you on their own, but don't mind going for you when there's a gang of them, faces hidden, I can see what's wrong with hoodies. Not all yoof wear hoodies, most are too busy wearing pink shirts or t-shirts that look like they've been sown together backwards. The ones to watch out for are the barstewards with the hoodies and caps. It's that simple.
  11. The only thing that'll sort a hood out
    is one swift crack to the back of the
    head with a Police Baton, that'll teach
    more respect in 5 seconds than 8 years
    of Whitehall pencil pushing :eek:

  12. The man is nothing short of a c*nt.
  13. Yep, your right. Also alot of these "hoodies" he's trying his best to appear onside with will be eligible to vote in the next election. If a political party is so desperate as to pander for the chavscum vote, theres not much hope really.
  14. Tony Bliar did the 'Kids are awlroit' pish years ago. We've seen it all before. The man is a Bliar clone.

    It's alright getting thier votes but quite a few of this 'element' are responsible for the very crime which plagues our society, so as far as I'm concerned he's shown himself for the c*nt that he is. He's got the same sneaky attitude as Tony as well.