cameron demeans himself

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by misdameaner, Jun 15, 2010.

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  1. Cameron has just stood up in the house of commons and apologised 'on behalf of the british people' for bloody sunday!

    Not for me he did'nt, and this on the day we lose two more in Afghan. Blair in a different skin?
  2. He doesn't speak for me either!
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Not me either. Not when you have Fenian terrorist cnuts firing shots from the crowd before hand. And if anyone wants to try and bait me over this one or provoke a response, you can fcuk off in advance.
  4. He does NOT speak for me either!

    Cameron, sounding just like Bliar!

    This country remains: cream-crackered, cattle-trucked in fact.

    Shame, shame, shame!
  5. Very disappointing bit of grovelling from CMD. I thought we had left the meaningless apologies behind us when the previous shower were turfed out.
    You are not speaking for me Prime Minister.
    Any chance that McGuinness will apologise for being armed at the time?
  6. He doesn't speak for me either! Why do we do it? Maggie wouldn't have
  7. Got quite emotional when i saw the news.....don,t think the wife has ever heard any one swear so much!
    Sold out again.....the whole army has been insulted,not just the Paras!
    Don,t know why we bothered!
  8. Lets' face it, the out come was never in any doubt,and "Call Me Dave",has simply done what any(other than Churchill or Maggie) politician would do.I'm surprised it's taken him this long.The only thing ever in doubt was the the cost of this so called "enquiry"! :x
  9. I wasn't going to comment as I was so angry about this, but yet again the politicians have sold us out.
  10. No surprises then, sold out by the politicos again, smirking sinn fein barstewards in the background,my fc*ckg blood is boiling, but should know better by now." One eyed enquiry" is how one commentator described it, political pandering to a bunch of murderous thugs more like, waiting with bated breath for the apologies from them for all of the atrocities commited in the name of " the cause" :x :x
  11. What were you all expecting Cameron to say?
    What would you have said in his shoes?
  12. Nor I.
  13. Mr Cameron.

    "Not in my name!"

  14. Fcuk you Prime Minister! :x This is a very sad day indeed..... :cry:
  15. Yeah, ! Para Spt Coy were quite right in opening fire on unarmed civilians rather than engaging with the PIRA gunmen. And shooting blokes lying on the ground and people coming to the aid of the wounded - good drills.
    FFS. Most sensible people have known for years that Bloody Sunday was a clusterfcuk and was perhaps the biggest recruiting boost for PIRA there could have been.
    Just fecking grow up and accept that this was not the British Army's finest hour, and had this festering boil been lanced a lot earlier, maybe a lot of good men would not have died.