Cameron criticises globalisation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Sep 7, 2006.

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    Whatever David, just get back here and start acting like the leader of the opposition instead of trying to find your bloody chakras.
  2. You see, this is what happens when you fail GSCE Geography. The winds are actually caused by low-pressure zones moving in from the Atlantic causing a large pressure gradient resulting in geostrophic wind. It's so obvious once you think it through.
  3. Since India has been a major beneficiary of globalisation, I can think of very few more inappropriate places to give such a speech.

    Cameron... he's meant to be the leader of the Conservative party, no? has he turned the Conservative party into the Socialist workers party overnight, without anyone noticing?

    I hope all those Conservative party members who voted this clown to be their leader are having a huge "d'oh" moment now, or is this all part of some super cunning plan (I doubt it)?
  4. I suspect that if you were to slice 'Dave' in two, you would find that rather than a friendly tinge of blue, a limp and uninspiring shade of pale would be most obvious. :twisted:
  5. Cameron's making the right noises but drawing the wrong conclusions. The basic cause of this is managers and owners wanting to increase profits year-on-year. One of the ways they can do this is to relocate to low-wage countries (instead of paying their domestic workers a fair wage and accepting lower profits). The strategy works on a short to medium-term basis, but at some stage, the low-wage workers will start demanding higher wages.
    It then gets to a point where there's no real difference between the wages of the former low-wage workers and what was (or would have been) paid to the domestic workers.
    And this is where it becomes a bit dicy for manufacturers, since they can't relocate back to their own countries because all the skilled workers are no longer available. This opens them up to blackmail by their former lower-paid workers.
    Serves 'em right!

  6. I would sympathyse with burberry workers but they have a lot to answer for by fueling the chav eppidemic with crappy baseball caps and hoodys

    As for Cameron, what a tit, he is loosing the next election for the tories singlehandedly, when people are sick of liberal labour lefty woolyness and tony blair what does cameron do? tries to emulate him.

    people are sick of pourous borders,crime, benifit spongers and religious pandering, and want a party that will reflect their views without having to stoop so low as to vote the racist yobs who are BNP.

    There is now no mainstream party that isn't overun with wooly minded looneys.