Cameron condemns poppy-burning protest

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ape101, Mar 9, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - Cameron condemns poppy-burning protest

    I mean, half of me thinks, yes he's actually got the countries view on the matter..

    The other half thinks he's jumped on the bang wagon to be seen in a good light, and will do **** all to change or attempt to change anything.

    Thats just me though
  2. I'll be convinced if the case gets reviewed and a tougher sentence is imposed, but I'm not holding my breath.
  3. Just CMD jumping on the outrage bus as it heads out of the station - nothing to see, nothing will happen, move along down the bus please.
  4. It was during PMQ and he was asked a specific question by Jake Berry.

    "With that in mind, does the prime minister think a £50 fine is an appropriate punishment for those who burn poppies and chant during the silence?"

    He answered the question, he did not say that he could do anything about it - The Judiciary are independant in the UK - and as long as leftist wets are elevated to the the position of High Court or even Lower Court Judges, you will get this stupid sort of ruling - after all he did have to quote - "balance the insult caused to those who were respecting the two minutes silence against the right which we all have to express ourselves freely." unquote - sod that in its own way it's inciting racial violence which again is against the law - but the Man is one of the great and good - he knows best. Not even the PM can shoot him down.
  5. He wasn't jumping on a bandwagon, merely responding to a question put to him during PMQ. What do you expect him to do, ignore the question?

    Editted to add, beaten to it by Retired-Taz!
  6. 'retired_taz', I am intrigued by your signature - is it copyright to the lard-lump Prescott by any chance? If not, it should be!
  7. Got nothing at all to do with leftist wets - got everything to do with the sliding scale of available fines for the offence that he was convicted of. They then have to take into account available income etc and you are left with a piddling £50.

    Equally, you'd soon be moaning if you weren't allowed to express your views on the matter - which is essentially what you are arguing for. He has the right to chant (as long as it does not cross into insulting) during the 2 minutes silence fi that is what he wants to do. Just as you have the right to march a Brass Band playing "Onward Christian Soldiers" through an Eid festival if you so wish.

    Of course, given that he essentially shouted "COOOOEEEEEEEE look at ME, I am a FUNDIE" you could always deflate the little tit and ignore him.
  8. Well, the throbber has certainly got what he wanted: Attention. National Press. PMQ's. Someone should of taken him round the back, and lamped him. Job jobbed.
  9. Like the man said 'I would have got more for a parking fine' sums it up. Also said he would not pay - that has been paid by another supporter for him. As someone commented -'would I have got the same if I burned the Koran?' Probably been dragged off and locked up for months. The scale of equality in our society