Cameron comedy threads + Jade Goody

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The 'amazingly funny' joke threads about Ivan Cameron have been removed.

Why, you might ask?

Apart from general issues of taste, it remains a fact that forums like Arrse are controversial in some parts of the army and, as is well known, DGMC is very keen to acquire the right to ban personnel associated with the Armed Forces from using them (indeed, they revised the DIN giving them this power a couple of weeks ago). Making jokes about a very newly dead famous disabled 6 year old is as likely as anything to bring hostile outside attention to Arrse and would be a perfect excuse for some kind of ban or restriction to be introduced.

If you don't like this, fuck off, it isn't a democracy.
After numerous complaints and for reasons similar to the above I have removed the Jade Goody thread and will continue to remove all others that apear in the same vein.
Not open for further replies.

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