Cameron Casualties

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by IronDuke99, Oct 20, 2010.

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  1. David Cameron has effectively destroyed the Royal Navy, and with it, the ability for UK to mount independent National Interest operations. Under Cameron UK can do little or nothing USA or, even, France and the EU do not agree.

    In addition to that, by telling everyone a UK exit date for Afghanistan, he has made every casualty we take from now to 2015, nothing but a political 'Cameron casualty' in what he has helped to make a war we cannot win.

    As Conservative leader we must hope he does not last long.

    A short time ago I would have found the total desruction of UK Carrier Air, and thus UK ability to run a lone UK National Interest operation, unbelevable, Cameron only seems to believe in, losing, allied operations. Who care about UK? Certainly not David Cameron.
  2. i would be interesting to hear your solution for afghanistan.... at least he has an exit strategy

    over to you
  3. Fluck off now. Why have more men killed for nothing?

    exit strategy = way to pretend you did not lose.

    Btw, last time British Army lost a whole war prior to this crap: First Anglo-Boer War 1880-81. Cameron is a moron.
  4. "Exit Strategy" The new euphemism for defeat.
  5. as opposed to leaving this minute and showing the world that we are uncapable of sticking it out, if anything thats a big legs open for anyone else to have a pop.

    instead of problems how about you start giving solutions... its war, people die. its fcking horrible and iv stood up to the mark expecting it to happen and have the brag rags to prove my attendance.

    so instead of promoting your own little saying or campaigning for less casualties in war how about you act like a big boy and realise that bad things happen, im sure each of those men knew the dangers when they signed up

    RIP the fallen, dont make thier sacrifice in vain.
  7. So you believe we should stick it out even if the situation is the same in 2015? I completely agree we should stay still the deadline IF we are making headway - but that does'nt seem to be the case.
  8. Lets look at alternatives shall we, now the Current Labour line up hardly instills confidence, and gosh the Lib Dems are in there doing the cuts with the Conservatives, so where pray are the brighter political types?

    Please now this could be interesting, if there is a Political alternative why the hell wern't they out campaigning on the streets back in May!
  9. why dim wit? you fail to back up your opinion with anything. do you have an opinion that isnt as broad as an observation?

    i think hes done well so far, yes the cuts sting, however deep down we know its for the best.

    royal navy: justify your use for an aircraft carrier this year. without guessing what political extreme cases "might" occour. im pretty sure DC is well informed of alot of the stuff that doesnt go on in the press, which and lets be honest is where we get all our G2 from. besides im pretty sure it came from the first sea lords reccomendations anyway. so call him a cnut if you disagree

    i agree with what bulldog is saying, however will an early exit not prove that we havent got the "guts" for the long haul. at least a planned exit is still a plan.
  10. If you MUST go to war then there is only one outcome that you want and that is to win the f*cking thing.

    That means ALL other considerations become secondary, the entire effort must be aimed at supporting the fighting troops and winning that war. To do any less is an act of negligence and betrayal.

    What you don't do is play politics and economics with the lives of your troops.

    It is the politicans who decide to go to war not the army. It is the politicans who starve those self same troops of resources not the army.

    Unfortunately it is the army who pays the ultimate price and not the politicians.

    Whatever way your friends in Tory Central Office try to spin their lies the fact remains this.

    The defence of our nation and looking after OUR nations interests is any governments PRIMARY responsibility irrespective of political hue. They agree to fulfill that duty when they take office and lets face it, the money grabbing cnuts are well rewarded for it unlike those who do the fighting and dying.

    If money is as tight as it is now then it is simple, they cut money from something that has no bearing on our defence, like EU contributions or the billions we send to India, China, Russia et al (F*cking sheer lunacy!)

    If the government refuses to fulfil its legally binding duty of care towards the defence of these islands then they have no legitimacy to govern and are at best guilty of gross dereliction of duty and at worst are guilty of treason.

    If they don't like the responsibilities involved in making sure our country is properly defended.... then they can always hand their bedding in and get a job in which their incompetence and lack of integrity won't matter. Perhaps a career as a high court judge beckons?
  11. msr

    msr LE

    So nothing to do with the MoD's utter incompetence at managing their own budgets? Or the previous administration starving defence of funds or pushing pork-barrel / PFI projects? Or anyone failing to notice that the possibility of a large heavy metal battle in Germany ended 20 years ago?

  12. I wonder if ill even be able to join the army now with these cuts, hmm...
  13. I know that Arrse has some reasonably intelligent types.

    Cameron and his, aptly named, Con Dems, have effectively destroyed the Royal Navy for at least 9 years. If you do not get that go back to school.

    What that means is that Cameron -a 'man' I serioursly think I could badly scare with a fairly loud noise- has destroyed any independent British, National Interest operation for nine or ten years, in addition to help losing us the war in Afghanistan, with his idiot 'pull out' date.

    If you do not get that, I will gladly, use smaller words for you...

  14. no smaller words needed. but i might have to put this in terms you will all understand....

    upon looking inside the purse, it is empty, carry out the immediate action drill. labour. spend/borrow more. lib/con make cuts,

    now im sure DC wasnt personally responsible for this. he just said "look lads, im gonna cut your budgets... where can you spare it?"

    now the army bloke says "well i dont need many tanks or arty anymore, not in afghan and i cant see them being used for much else, you can cut them"

    now the navy guy says "aww shit, we are an island we need boats and that!" "yeah true, but what dont we need right now? iv got to save a shed load of dallar yall" says DC

    so the navy guy says "well, we dont need an aircraft carrier as long as you promise to get us new shiny ones...."
    DC says, "deal, but ill have to flog one and take a few destroyers as the last muppet fuct up the paperwork"

    the airforce guy was unavailiable for comment as he was reminiscing about battle of britain and trying to justify the many new sharp and pointy airy planes we already spent a shed load on.

    big dave then pointed out that you can never "win" against a force like afghan. they arent gonna surrender. so he says "right lads set your watches for the year 2015 so we can bug out with tea and medals.... beats running home with our tail between our legs right?"

    The end!
  15. For the sake of my curiosity, What about the Russian Campaign 1919, Suez Canal and the recent Iraq War?

    Your right, we could just feck off now and run away with our tails between our legs like we did in Basra. Not only would it succeed in making all of our casaulties to date totally pointless but also make ourselves look total spineless cnuts throughout the eastern world and give the Yanks yet another reason to distrust us. Doing that twice within the space of five years is not only emmbarassing but highly unBritish and would infact send me as hysterical as you seem to be about DC's decisions regards the RN.


    We can stay and dig in deep with what we have got and try and get the Afghans into a position where they are able to fend for themselves and go it alone. Which is the best you could ever of hoped for in this type of operation. It's not beyond all reason to belive that could be possible within the next five years. We will never acheive the coventional total victory that we all want.