Cameron - another one bites the dust

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by extrader, May 28, 2007.

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  1. Cameron looks like he is sacking another one of his cabinet for disagreeing with him. I am a bit concerned since I have no love of labour but this etonian snake oil salesman seems to be:

    (1) Another glib spin merchant
    (2) Who seems to have done little
    apart from being a committee-man political apparatchick.
    (3) Who brooks no dissent.

    I am afraid rising to Director of Corporate Affairs at Carlton seems a typical non-producing job for an appearance merchant, and he appears to be a 'professional' politician. So how can I vote for a party with a man like this at its head.

  2. extrader

    I can see your point but as the old saying goes "a new broom sweeps clean". I am not an apologist for the man but considering the mess the Conservatives have been in since 1997 it will take firm leadership in order to stand a chance at the next election. I wouldn't vote for a party that is showing signs of internal dissent so if I were in his shoes I would be likely to do the same thing. If they are to have even a cat in hells chance of winning a significant amount of seats, never mind a majority, they all have to be singing from the same hymn sheet.

  3. Yup, good point; still worried about his profile and lack of substance therein.
  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Until the Tories start acting as a Party rather than a lot of individualistic opinionated twerps, they aren't going to get back in. Cameron knows that.

    What Cameron is doing is what is needed; he is forcing people to act together. Those that aren't willing to follow his lead are being marginalised.

    I think what you have in Cameron is the first effectual leader that the Tories have had in 20 years.
  5. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Sadly the Conservative Party is full of lightweights who are either occupying safe seats, or trying to get selected. There are many out there with large egos and little else seeking a "career" in Parliament.

    Having seen quite a few prospective cadidates going through selection, I found it hard to identify more than a slack handful who were worth tuppence [IMHO].

    Good luck to "The Boy Dave" with getting some of the dross and dissenters marginalised.
  6. Sorry you feel that way but you put everyone in the same box. Most of us have honour; integrity and the will to do our best for our community so please judge people as individuals and give those of us who care a chance.

    Parliamentary Candidate
  7. Streak
    The post I put up was genuine in terms concerns since I am a conservative voter. So far the Arrsers posts seem to favour the 'new broom sweeps clean' so I am content with that.

    What I cannot stand the prospect of voting for is another spin-meister. What is the evidence that under the political front is a genuine leader?
    At Carlton did he have a real impact or was the job a sinecure?

    For example I believe Blair was a pretty average lawyer, so turned to politics instead.

    Persuade me.
  8. Alas I cannot. All I can say is that there are Good men and women who have the qualities required to keep the values we all hold. I am not an advocate of "Power at all costs" I do believe however that only a fool never changes his or her opinion and it is a true sign of leadership to be able to listen, make a decision and then have the ability to bring those who do not truly believe along with you.

    So keep the faith brother all will be well.
  9. extrader,

    Don't write Lord Snooty and his pals off just yet. Watch the second tier: especially Ed Vaizey and William Hague.

    I may be a knob, but I'd rather trust the foreign affairs of the UK to Hague than Margaret Beckett, FFS. And Ed Vaizey, MP for Wantage and not my bum boy, is a superb shoe-in for Home Secretary. The rest of them are an absolute shower, sadly.
  10. Streak just for the record, did you attend a Comprehensive school, Grammar or Private/Public?

    As we all know, Cameron attended Eton but does not believe in Grammar schools.
  11. There are a number of people who were less than impressed by Cameron in his time at Carlton. Jeff Randall, now Business Editor at the Telegraph, for example, is not a fan. (Which goes some way to explaining the recent cooling of attitudes towards him over at the Torygraph). He is seen by some as content-free. And up to a point, I can see there point - he hasn't seen much of "real life", whatever that is. Sadly, he's part of a political generation that hasn't done anything outside of politics or related disciplines.

    On the other hand, he seems to have the ability to bring people over to a point of view, and persuade them of his sincerity. As a politician that is hugely valuable - and something no Tory leader has had since Thatcher. In order to execute the Tories agenda, they need to be in power. Having a party with dissenting elements still questioning his decisions and policies reduces the chances of that happening.

    Personally, I'll put up with a leader like Cameron if it means getting to the next Election, removing Labour and putting in place some policy I agree with. Certainly the party has a better chance of that with Cameron in charge.
  12. For the record my sister went to a Grammar and my brother and I went to a comprehensive. I come from a council estate in Nottingham and served 18 years in the Grenadier Guards leaving as a Colour Sergeant. So no silver spoon either.
  13. Good for you, you would have my vote, simply for not being one of the politico wanabees without a clue. Wish you all the best. We need people with your background in Parliament.

    Sadly my own MP is James Gray, he will not be getting my vote.
  14. I don’t know the man but you have to vote with your conscience. What I would say though is tactical voting does not work and can let the wrong party lead (and I use that term lightly) this country. Vote Conservative so that we can be in power and stop this country from being a laughing stock, start looking after out troops and charge Blair and his cronies with treason.
  15. I have had a fair few dealings with MPs in the last few months. I now vote for the person. I am a natural Conservative but James Gray is beyond the pale for me. I am sure you will win over a fair few natural Labour and LibDem voters. Tories desperately need "normal" candidates.

    Good luck Sir!