Cameron and Brown ----- Pure P.R Stuntmen.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ALVIN, Nov 22, 2009.

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  1. Cameron and Brown have said sorry for their P.R stunt at Abbey Gardens!!
    They want the glory but have both exposed themselfs as political bullshiters.
    I can see that the future looks very rosey for the British Military and it's Veterans!! :x .... But yet again, whats new!!
  2. Yes, let's just chill out before our Daily Mail-inspired arguments surface here.

    Those of us independently minded enough to read stuff with a pinch of salt would say the Abbey grossly overreacted and the pair of them are perfectly entitled to show the nation they're attending Remembrance services.

    It's Daily Mail hyperbole, nothing more so you can rest now.
  3. Agreed - a pair of inconsequential twats!

    They have said 'sorry', or so we are told - have two large PERSONAL cheques been paid to Service charities or the Abbey?

    No. I thought not!

    I say again: a pair of inconsequential cvnts - arrseholes.
  4. -- So why did the pair say that they were sorry for their actions then??
  5. Didn't you know? Apologising is all the rage these days. I didn't realise the Abbey gardens were off limits to photographers? I saw enough taking snaps the last time I was there. The problem is that even if their intentions were purely honourable, the way politics has been conducted over the last decade means that anything politicians do simply must have an ulterior motive.

    The only thing they've succeeded in doing is fcuking everything up and turning us all in to rabid cynics. Well done gentlemen. You bunch of cnuts! Sorry, I apologise.
  6. Because people like you buy the Daily Mail.
  7. Cameron and Brown should be ashamed of themselves for acting in this way they have no respect for our Armed Forces .
  8. You're still not welcome here, Chubb.
  9. P.R stunt never!!!!!!!!!

    Has anyone noticed there seems to be no mention of banking this week in the news??