Cameron aid with Underpants on Head

If any of you have seen the movie "LINCOLN", there is a scene where President Lincoln cracks a joke ,here it is:

“ Mr. Ethan Allen,a revolutionary war hero had occasion to visit England, and while their the English took Great pleasure in teasing him, and trying to Make fun of the Americans and General Washington in particular and one day they got a picture of General Washington, and hung it up in the privy(outhouse toilet). Mr. Allen Could see it and they finally asked Mr Allen if he saw that picture of his friend in the privy. Mr Allen said no. but said he thought that it was a very appropriate for an Englishman to keep it in the privy. Why they asked. For said Mr Allen there is Nothing that will make an Englishman Shit So quick as the Sight of General Washington.”


similarly nothing makes an gora arrse venom hate baiter shit quicker than the sight of earth.


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