Cameron: "a bonfire of quangos"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TheKing, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. so according to the interview he is going to get rid of some quangos and creating 17 more. so more of the same.
  2. never going to happen :roll:
    believe blair said something similar
    and major
    and possibly maggie :(

    next thing turkeys voting for christmas
  3. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Get real. He will scrap those whose boards have been used as a payoff to ex-members of the Labour nomenclatura and replace them with some offering cushy sinecures to Tories that he wants to remove from more public circulation. Anyway he'll say something different tomorrow, just depends on how he sniffs the wind.

    The difference between me and 'Dave' is that I'm a Tory and he isn't.
  4. According to Labour, not the interview. While I wouldn't be surprised if that turns out to be true, I'm not going to believe any figures put out by Lord Mandleson's Committee for Public Safety through Protection of the Third Way...
  5. Tory Cuts!
  6. Let's bloody hope so, for the sake of the United Kingdom and her realms!
  7. I don't buy this BBC-stirrued up Cameron the chameloen bull.

    No one said anything like this about Blair prior to his media-installed election. The media did all it could to show New Labour as the 'right' choice to vote in 1997, but when a Tory comes along, likely to take office, he is attacked for trying to modernise into an electable entity.

    I say it once I say it again. Cameron is a clever man, and if what he sees as a winning recipie to debunk the nasty Labour Party by means of PR and modernisation then I support it.

    Who the f**k gives a s*t about conservative middle-England anymore? the BBC certainly doesn't, the media don't, the Liberal establishment don't, educational institutions don't.
  8. But Dave never denied that there would be 17 new quangos. no matter what labour say or do dave could have denied it but he didnt.
  9. I may well eat these words in a few years time, but as someone who is usually very skeptical about politicians, I'm quite optimistic about Dave. I don't think he'll be the revolutionary leader we could do with right now, but I do think he'll get us slowly back on the right track and undo a lot of the 'police state' scariness that has gone on in the last few years.
  10. Weren't you Tory Lies earlier? :roll:

    Yep - cuts - so scum like you stop getting my money!
  11. Congratulations! You're out, err, I mean back.

    Our friend could more accurately call himself Tory_Cuts_Or_Labour_Cuts.

    As many have pointed out, there are going to have to be drastic cuts after the next election. That will happen irrespective of which party wins the forthcoming general election. If the government continues to fund half of its expenditure by printing money and a further quarter by borrowing, we'll rapidly end up in the same state as Zimbabwe.

    The difference is not between Tory cuts and Labour investment. It's between Tory cuts and Labour cuts.

    Somehow, I can't see Dave laying off doctors and nurses from the NHS while retaining psychic healers, transgender outreach managers and carbon footprint reduction coordinators, as happened at my local hospital.

    I know whose cuts I'd prefer.
  12. Agreed - he moved the discussion on. Now you can take two views of why he did that

    (1) it was possibly damaging to continue with the line of questioning because it would reveal that we'll have more quangos or

    (2) he didn't wish to engage in a simplistic numbers game. If you merge (say) 34 quangos into 17, you've created 17 new quangos, yet halved the number of them overall.

    The interview suggests that we might, actually, end up with quite a lot of 'new' quangos, possibly more than 17, created out of the ashes of extant ones. Tthe information isn't there, and assuming that we're going to get 17 additional quangos because the Labour party and BBC Breakfast say so and Cameron didn't deny it is at best dangerous and at worst facile.
  13. They cost £64 billion a year!? Are they farking serious!?
    That's double the defense budget.
    I understand that some of them do important work but... no, that's just far too much surely.

    64 billion?!