Cameras on the M3 this morning, and odd Bluetooth behaviour

Ok, not a tinfoil hat moment exactly (all my paranoias and fears are completely justified thankyou), but wondered if anyone had any thoughts on this. I was commuting to work this morning north bound on the M3 this morning. Again. My phone beeped and I lost my bluetooth connection to my handsfree speaker. I just assumed the charge on my speaker had run out. But this is the strange bit. I then passed under a bridge (somewhere between jct 7 & 6) - and above the southbound side was an unmarked white van (with two way glass panel on the side) and 3 cameras/radar guns on tripods covering each of the lanes. Unmarked - so it wasn't a speed trap, but like I say I'm not that paranoid, so I assume it was some sort of traffic monitoring exercise or something. What was strange was another mile or so down the road my speaker reconnected, so it wasn't a battery issue. All very odd - I would assume the devices on the tripods would be cabled, not wireless. But I also assume something round there was operating on 2.4GHz.

Anyone got any suggestions? Apart from get a life of course.
speed traps don't have to be marked, what has been happening recently is that unmarked cameras catch the people speeding and they are in comms with another unmarked squad car further down the road that will bring in the speeders, perhaps it was those comms that knocked out your signal?
not a clue about that, it may not be intentional but I am sure it will be allowed, I know of radar stations that fcuk up the comms in a large radius and that seems to be taken as a unfortunate annoyance by those affected.
D0lly agreed, but most of the speed trap vans tend not to have an external camera, let alone 3. Don't they normally just snipe? That's why I assume it might be a survey as some sort.
As for interfering with comms, well, maybe if you do intentionally maybe, but if you do it by accident - whoops, sorry! Besides, there's a lot allowed to use that chunk of spectrum. That said they're usually low powered (Bluetooth, wifi, yada yada). Whatever this was it was booming through if it could knock out my handsfree in a 1km radius.
mmm, it maybe a survey to assess driving trends, in that if there is no blue tooth even hands free mobile phone usage will be impossible, if in conjunction with that a noted improvement of the general standard of driving is recorded, then it may help to push forward a law to ban all mobile phone usage while driving, which is something that has been buzzing around for a while.
BiscuitsAB said:
Are they allowed to do that, interfere with legitimate comms that is?
In Browns Britain the police who are rapidly becoming the executive arm of ZaNu-Liarbore appear to be able to do what they like, especially where money making is involved.
twosugarsnomilk said:
dogmeat said:
ANPR van. Making sure you're fit to travel on NeuArbeit's autobahns.
Seconded,the local plods version of on the road big brother.
Or alternatively, finding stolen cars, vehicles without insurance (ever been hit by an uninsured driver? Bloody expensive) and vehicle involved in crime.

But I won't interrupt your tinfoil hat moment :roll:
batus_survivor said:
Anyone got any suggestions?
Agree with the other posters - ANPR van not speed trap:

Often with ANPR operations on motorways, there will be some marked/unmarked cars hidden in a lay-by or similar a few miles away. When the ANPR detects a target vehicle they cue the other callsigns. I would not expect them to interfere with Bluetooth comms - maybe just a coincidence?
Oh, it's not really happening, don't be silly, don't be a.........don't worry, I won't be a * like you. I'm going to go to the local shop here on the edge of Prague in the next half hour. I'll take my camera with me, set it on email standard and take 3 or 4 photos of a bit of "traffic control" technology that has popped up on a couple of lampposts nearby. No Czech I know has a definitive explanation for what this is. More later.
So, some funny gadgets on what you can see is not a major thoroughfare. Or rather not. Having set the camera on lowest possible, it aint good, not small enough for this site. Okay, verbal, written description will have to do. On one side of the road, at the top of the lamppost, a dinky little aerial, connected to a box below, connected to a camera/sensor which is in love with it's radarlike pal across the street. This, on a moderately quiet stretch of road on the edge of Prague. What for? Speeding, no, it's right by two sets of speedbumps that noone but a mad sort, and when it comes to driving, Czechs aint famous for being mad sorts, would even think about running faster than 20 mph.

On the direct point, what is so surprising? The fact that we are now electronically monitored (potentially) every step we take, or the fact that we have allowed this to happen?
for over ten years Surrey Police (whon still call themselves a'force' I believe) have used a radar/video device to catch speeding vehicles. They record it all and send a love letter through the post to offenders. One was just outside Guildford on Saturday. Perhaps this van?
Well lets face it, its much easier and raises much more revenue than going out and catching real criminals. :wink:
Speed cameras operated by human folk have to sting you going towards it NOT driving away like the static automatic Cubic yellow tw4ts so I wouldn't worry too much.

As has been said ANPR is a useful tool. Keep on paying the bills on your car and you'll never have a Police Car coming spinning after you for an ANPR problem... In theory :roll:
ANPR vans use internal cameras.

I reckon it's a survey to test the site for average peed cameras, they'll see how clear the images catche the numberplates across 3 lanes then move to the next site and try it for the other end of the average speed trap.

god i hate speed cams

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