Cameraman in Basic?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by David2008, Jan 16, 2009.

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  1. This is one for those of you who have gone through basic recently, prefferably at Pirbright.

    I remember 3 years ago we had a cameraman tagging along on some ex's and certain events like the CO's comp and drill comps etc. and then sold us all a DVD at the end of it for £20.

    Do you know if they still do this? Im planning on putting together a DVD for the family with a slideshow when i passoff and it be great if i could rip the video footage from the DVD he sells if they still do it.

  2. Ta mate :wink:
  3. 20 quid?!
  4. Yeah well i figured for that price you'de get a good 30 minutes of footage at least, how long are they usually?
  5. it used to go from week 1 to passing out parade, mine was on video tough so its going back a good few years.
  6. Yeah i'll be looking forward to seeing it. my mate was supposed to send me a copy of the DVD from my last intake, never did the bastard :( i said some right funny stuff to the camera and all on ex first night and test ex
  7. Ah, reminds me of "Pedophile Phill" at Bassingbourn
  8. LOL

    Is this a new thing? Didnt do it when i done basic, sounds like a good idea tho.
  9. Not sure if its new or what but its a rip off come Pass Off day. There meant to film all of your basic training but the only thing on our dvd at the end was parents day, 1 pass off rehearsal and the actual pass off parade. The footage of Bayonet training and hours of fire pairs manovoure in full CBRN kit were mysteriously lost...
  10. I was at bassingbourn 3 years ago i wonder if its the same paedophile phil as im thinking lol?
  11. Surely there's only one bloke called peadophile phil ?:D
  12. Well i wasnt even sure wether his name was phil, or wether this was the name they gave all the cameramen lol
  13. I was there last year so it probably is the same bloke.