Camera upgrade - advice needed

Given the level of experience and ability demonstrated on the forum, it seems like a good place to ask. I've decided that I'm going to upgrade my aging Canon 500D for something newer and am looking for some help making my mind up. It's been a good learning platform and still takes decent photos but I don't think I'm getting the most out of my photography by sticking with it.

My parameters are: an ideal budget of £1000-1500 (although I can stretch a bit more if there's a slamdunk case); my existing collection of L-lenses which I'm not replacing under any circumstances; and the need to occasionally shoot decent quality video.

So far, I've looked at the Canon 7D and 6D as well as a second-hand 5D MkII. Does anyone have any experience of these or alternative suggestions that I haven't played with yet?
After loads of research I bought a 7D and found it hard to use, due mainly to my lack of experience with a proper big boys camera, so I bought a 5D Mk11 and am really pleased with it.
How's the video function? The thing that made me seriously consider the 5DII was the good reviews for shooting HD video.
If you're not in a rush, I'll be selling the backup/studio 5Dii in two or three months. As the backup body it's only got about 2500 exposures and it's in as new order.
I was looking to have it by the middle of next month for a family holiday. Just out of curiosity, how much were you thinking of selling it for?
How's the video function? The thing that made me seriously consider the 5DII was the good reviews for shooting HD video.
Sorry, never used the video function. (or, f*ck me it does video. You learn something every day :) )
Not sure about the grip. Any ideas what sort of battery life you get out of the normal ones?
Very good, but you need a loupe to go over the LCD screen IMO; they're not pricy.
I was handed a 7D by the producer of a current affairs series the other day and asked to shoot some behind the scenes of the studio set up. The camera had no viewfinder and was fitted with a kit lens. I was told to shoot hand held:

I couldn't get below f5 and so had to use 4000 ISO.
Trying to keep focus with the LCD screen was near impossible.

The pictures were grainy and often soft - at the level to which I'm supposed to be working there should not be ANY soft shots on the rushes!

Annoyingly at home I had a Zacuto VF ( DSLR Rig & Camera Accessories for Filmmakers - Chicago & Nationwide )which bolts onto the 7 and 5D and a couple of wide primes which would have been ideal.

Unless you are shooting with a tripod or a rig, shooting video on DSLR can be a struggle; as Pigshyt says a VF or loupe is pretty important although there are some cheap HDMI monitors out there now.
By the time you've bolted on all the crap you need to make the thing as user friendly as the cameras I'm used to you end up with:


That said you don't need a huge tripod - just one that can pan and tilt with some reasonable smooth friction.

Edited to add:

Have a look here:
If you wan't video and have already invested in a pile of l-glass then surely you should pop the extra couple of hundred and get a 5d mark iii. I have a 7d, and love it. But the full frame will be a lot better in lower light for you. I've heard the 5d ii is a bit aging now. Although, if you are on a budget then I'd recommend the 7d. It's cheap now, as the 7d ii is meant to be coming out soon, it has great AF and does fully HD video.
Another vote for the 7D.

Only had it about 6 weeks upgrading from my 50D and having some very good results. I also use a grip (have one fitted on all four of my cameras) and find it very useful. However you should be aware of the extra weight.

Your current 500D weighs in at 520g, a 5D mk2 at 810g and a 7D at 820g - the battery grip will add around another 490g. Then add a lens or two!

You may then find the weight being prohibitive especially when on holiday and that's when you start leaving it behind. This is what I found when out walking in the Lakes so invested in a G10 which I now carry all the time when out walking.

As for video I'm afraid that I cannot comment as I don't use it. Personally if I wanted to video I would buy a video camera.

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