Camera Phones in the Army.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by alansoap, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. I start phase one training in November and i was wondering what the policy is with mobile phones in the army.

    Now the most mobiles have cameras built in does this constitute some sort of security breech?
    Even just plain old mobile phones, when can they be used in training, on ops etc?

    Just wondering if its worth renewing my contract phone, Thanks!
  2. I'll be blunt. Mobile phones are like ring piece'
  3. Every unit will have some policy about using mobile phones and especially camera phones. Just check it out once you get there.

    Bad ringtones are so 20th century!
  4. Keep it with you to record all the bullying, then flog it to the scum for a nice little earner
  5. Why not start a trend and don't have one. I stopped taking mine to work and was told by my boss that i would carry one as long as i owned one otherwise how else would people get hold of eachother.

    My answer as i saluted and left

  6. As PD said check when in Unit, where i am, there are strict rules as to where they are allowed to be switch on, when entering your prompted to show it's off!

    as for when on Trg, i doubt Dominoes will deliver! on ops, (Schhhh , they are better than bowman)
  7. They now encourage recruits to take a mobile to basic training to remain in contact with family. You will be told when you can use it and when it must be turned off. You cannot carry it around with you, it will be locked in your locker during training hours.
  8. Supposedly.... Dont let it fall out your pocket on the obstacle course though. :D
  9. Ive been told that they are allowed but can only be used when you arent training or on excercise.

    As for renewing your contract, there might be a theif or two when you start basic so you might want to leave it until you know more about the people you are training with. Im starting basic soon and have bought a very cheap phone so if it does go walkies i wont have to mess about getting the phone blocked and so on.
  10. Best bet is to buy a cheap nasty pay as you go one and top it up with £50 or so. You shouldn't be able to use that amount up during basic training..
  11. Cheers, Thanks folks. :)
  12. what you need is an elastic band. put it on your head and walk round with your mobile tucked into it on the side of your head. that should do the trick.
  13. Phones!!!

    Whats wrong with 14 weeks confined to the block bumping floors with only a Sqn Tracksuit to "relax" in and you can write to yr mum if yr in the second term? Or was that just my memory of JLR!?

    Pay as you go can't go wrong.