Camera-on humiliated by 19 year old student

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ProudToBeLabour, Apr 26, 2010.

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  1. Not another New Labour sock puppet......
  2. Getting a bit tedious isn't it?
  3. In fact the LD stated that over the years they will reduce fees to nothing rather than cutting them tomorrow. This means if they get into power the 3rd years will not pay, the next year the 2nd years will not pay and so on. Yet again information lost in "spin".
  4. Less tedious than the jackboots cheerleading for the BNP.
  5. Thought you would support 'call me Dave', after all he seems to be a clone of the biggest liar and war criminal that was Teflon Tony?

    I shouldn't worry too much, the Labour party wont get much say in the future when they roll in third after the general election :D
  6. As an observation, since the conservative party hasn't been elected into power, Mr Cameron hasn't removed anything.

    I'm sure that all the main party manifestos contain lots of ways to reduce spending here to support spending there, but will they actually come to fruition when reality strikes?

    Given the current level of national borrowing, something is going to have to give regardless who is elected, this much is obvious. What is also obvious is that the public sector is going to bear the brunt.
  7. Just to warn everyone else not to bother replying.

    By the looks of the other thread this bellend started, he's a Party minion of some sort, possibly paid by someone with something to gain.

    Probably on the scrounge for quotes to use for or against one or other of them politician fellers who're asking people to vote for something or other?


    I know it's vague, but I'm not sure wether it's a Tory looking for support or a Labour looking for ammo. I need a drink.
  8. Haha. That can join your first post in The Hole.
  9. Much the same really.
    The only real difference is that the Labour spin is even more dishonest than the other sides.
  10. At least Cameron answered. Today we had a Labour party candidate visit my college and whenever someone asked a question he just walked away!
  11. Ah! To be dishonest or immoral? Now that's a question worth answering.

    Still, in the BNPs case, you get both immorality and dishonesty.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.