Camera mount !!!

Not the wisest of camera mount methinks. he'd only complain if someone zapped him with a hellfire.

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Looks the bizz , The Feds will be all over your arrse if you pulled that bad boy on out if your daysack could you imagine doing the sights of London haha , you be chewing paving stone and adorned in red laser dots before you adjusted your shutter speed .
I used to use one of those for wildlife photography but now in the digital,age, it's the software that matters not so much the camera and lens
I would agree , but I compromise with using Manual Focus lenses on my Sony DLSR . I have auto focus lenses but I tend to get more durability with under / over exposing with my manual focus also you get better glass on the old lenses .


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I have become a very lazy photographer, and tend to use my 5 MP Phone more than anything else these days, the fact that it uploads onto my FB and Photobucket sites at the press of the screen is IMHO magic.I still honestly have thousands ( over 50 years of piccis, My first camera was a Box Browny, which I still have) of prints and Negatives that I should really upload onto my system but I can't really be bothered
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