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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by photogirl, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. Sounds like a bit of a mad question but are there any amateur camera clubs run by anyone in any areas?
  2. If by photo clubs, you mean clubs with photos that specialise in 18 yr olds being lewd with vegetables, then i know plenty of those
  3. Bit of a vague question Sweetie, but I'm almost sure the answer is perhaps maybe...
  4. Nah not that type lol - clubs set up to enable people to develop their skills from people with already good knowledge that are passing on techniques etc.
  5. And you thought this was the best place to find the answer instead of Google?

    You're not here trying to groom some old perv who'll end up dead wrapped in clingfilm in a snuff movie with you are you?
  6. Will a young perv do? Never tried cling film, although i imagine its similar to my friend, mr latex :wink:
  7. I did search google for any dedicated army one's but couldn't find any hence whilst I joined the site and asked the question ping - just a geninue question - just trying to ascertain whether there are any camera clubs where I can talk to like minded people who help other's develop their skills that's all - no sure where your old perv, clingfilm and snuff movie came from tho lol
  8. I know of one run by an old pro.
  9. Ministersoft do you have details?
  10. You're not serious?

    Because I wasn't.
  11. Approach the Reference Library in the town/city where you live and ask for the list of photographic clubs, associations and societies.

    If you're in Aldershot, Colchester or Salibury best not to bother. But if near Portsmouth or Plymouth make that definately not!
  12. Try your Bde or Div media/press officer. Ask any PR Phots who cover events at your location. In the old days they used to be a great source of bukshee film-sadly not now as everyone (except me) has gone digital.
  13. Thanks devexwarrior - I'll do that most constructive answer I got all day lol