Camels milk could hit UK shelves

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DrStealth, Apr 22, 2006.

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    right then, heres an excuse for a whopping list of camel and hump jokes. get 'em posted.:twisted:
  2. What about the old Camel drills ?

    Cameling, Cameling, Cameling....Camel STOPS !!!
    Jump off Hump off Look inside ..
    ON ! looking inside we see water inside the Hump and water inside the Camel,
    Hump on Jump on carry on Cameling
    Camel Camels one or two more steps then stops again.
    Jump off hump off look inside ..
    ON! looking inside the camel we see water inside the Hump and NO water in the Camel.
    Fill Camel with water
    Jump on Hump on carry on Cameling...

    blah blah
  3. Camel's milk is very good for you, nutritious and rehydrating. my mum said so.

    A Camel
  4. Feck camels milk, when are they going to sell Milf Milk :twisted:
  5. bitty
  6. i'm not even going to click on that above link, 8O

    so then, what i wanna know is who gets the job of milking the beast with two backs..............
  7. 'Humps in production'

    A Camel's Toe is much more productive!
  8. I'm going to buy some then say I found a camel spider inside it and complain and win a years supply of camel milk which I will sell to make cheese.
  9. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    And some of them give you a place to park your bike as well.
  10. I'm fed up with this already... yes I've got the hump.

    and my coat, I'll leave quietly
  11. Ah but you would need a camel with three humps if bikes are going to be parked .... Humphrey!

    Taxi for babyblue, just getting my coat and I will join Phantom
  12. If camel's milk came from a "camel's toe" I'd drink it straight from the source.
  13. The erm..dairy...produce of a camel's foot/toe would not be high on my list of breakfast vittles...
  14. Do these ones come with IEDs strapped to the bottle?