Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Sierra_Hotel, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. Have a DPM thermobak Camel, but i can't get the rubber taste out of it. Any ideas?
  2. Soak your bladder and hose using some water with a minty Steradent tablet dissolved in it.

    Make sure you flush it throughly afterwards with fresh water.
  3. above reply is too tasty
    fill it with water with too many puritabs in it
    itll taste of bleach forever
  4. anyone found the NSN for the cleaning kit?
  5. Camelbak sell tablets that change the taste of the water (much in the same way as screech but tasting nicer) and I believe that they're due to be given an NSN. Alternatively try leaving some luke warm water in there for a week and then clean completely before use. Don't know why it works but it seems to have worked in mine and everyone else's that I know.
  6. Steradent?
  7. Aye, the stuff old people use to clean their dentures with.

    They used to do a lemon one too.

    I use them all the time to keep my Camelbak clean (I use one for mountain biking as well as work).
  8. Camelbaks have come a long way since we got issued them in the early 90's... damned things would split at the seams back them. Anyway... we used the water purification tablets to remove the nasty rubber taste from ours back then as oldbooty indicated.
  9. A bottle of Strongbow should do the trick - then you have to get rid of the cider taste.
  10. I use Boots solution which is like Milton but cheaper. Comes in a tablet form. rinse out carefully otherwise you get a mild disinfectant taste.
  11. i use robinsons sugar free orange juice in my HAWG why just drink boring old water its gopping warm :D 8O and heres a top tip for keeping water cold buy the long icepops freeze them , keep them sealed up and pop them into your bladder refreeze when soft and reuse