Camelbak Transformer

Been looking around trying to get hold of one of these - the modular camelbak system with large and small cargo areas that can be attached to the basic hydration pack.

So far I've only found dealers in the states, that can supply but want to charge ridiculous amounts for shipping - anyone know of a UK supplier ????


Have you tried ebay, I email US shops (with good feedback) on ebay and ask for stuff, they often do it very cheap with low shipping costs as well.

Mr Happy

I know it's none of my business but (a) the 'modular' back back looks too small to be worthwhile and (b) is your Razza OK with US Woodland/US Dessie camo with a **** off big CAMALBAK advertisement on the back?

If you wanted my cheap and completely ignorant opinion there are much better UK day-sack options which with the help of a 1 inch cut can take the water bottle and drinking tube no problem. Reinforce with a bit of black nasty and away you go. Though if you are in the ACF I recognise you've got to buy this crap anyway...
why indeed its tiny .Brought the camel bac motherlode from the px
cos i wanted a civi daysac too many small compartments for my needs in
infantry but great if you need to carry bits and pieces certainly tough
and well made .all the others are too small for much except keys
walkman wallet
silvermans sell the mother lode for £130 wont tell you how much i paid for it :lol: softie rocket pac is good and has an interior pocket that fits a camelbac resvoir
Primarily I want it for on the mountain bike (my "spare" time hobby) and liked the design for how the size fitted in with the loads I carry on the bike - its not for patrol use.

I'm fed up with transferring stuff between my all day riding bag and my "just popping out for an hour on the bike" bag, the Transformer kills two birds with one stone, and theres no similar civvy packs available.

I've ordered one from the a US shop as suggested, £80 including postage (and its down as gift on the customs form to avoid getting stung by C&E)
£65 without postage, a lot better than £120 over here!
simple and cheap alternative lads - Platypus hydration system, consists of a polybag, flexible tube and a none return valve in the form of a bite tap.

several sizes from 500ml to 5000ml, two shapes to choose from, "square shaped" (fits in top pouch of most rucksacks / bergans) or "Tube shape" fits in patrol packs etc...excellent quality, modular, CHEAP, got loads of optional attatchments such as foild bag and shower head, plus more...

i carry 7 liters in 3 pouches on exped training and never had a problem yet, refill is easy, its squidgy but tough so it fits around your kit (assuming its not sharps) for more info.

CHEEEEEP like the canary. fits in your already owned kit...


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