camelbak motherlode/bfm

I have both a camelbak motherlode and bfm. I want to get rid of one of them. I'm not bothered about which. You can have a partially used bladder (the 3 litre one) if you want, but unless you are a minger you will probably want to atleast get a new valve which will cost about three quid.

They are both in mint condition, as I don't use them much. I could lie and say they are new, but they are not. But they have never seen anything more than carrying a laptop on a train or a jumper in the car.

Motherlode is US multicam, and the BFM is US desert. I got em in these colours cos they were cheaper. However it's a lot better than multicam as you will notice your's when it's coming of a wagon, and also cos it's different it's ally.

Price wise i'm not sure. Lets say £75. As I said I want one of them, so you can pick which one you want, and I'll keep the other.

Lots of Love and Kisses

edit - here are the same bags
I'll take the motherload if it's still available?
Mate I posted this add a couple of hours ago. It's still available. Only question is do you want the bladder? And also where are you based. PM me with where your based etc... If you would rather not say on here. If we can square it away I can get it posted today.
I can't PM you mate, getting error msg that you're up to your storage limit. Can you PM me an email address and we can sort out payment and postage?


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