camelbak motherload and osprey

I have heard that the camelbak motherload daysacks sit far better over osprey than issue and other 'conventional' daysacks? I have been using a warrior chest rig and my munro daysack whilst training in osprey now the chest rig is gleaming but the daysack just does not sit properly no matter what, I have the opportunity to borrow a camelbak daysack for ops, just wondering if it's worth it?
I used a Camelbak Motherlode over my Osprey whilst on x3 Op.Tours. I didn't encounter any problems. Additionally, because the motherlode is designed for "MOLLE" I was able to add some compatible pouches to the back and sides for my First Aid/CAT/FFD items. Good to have that stuff ready, thankfully, I never had to use it. Don't be tempted to fill it up to the max. tho.' It's knackerin in 50c+. :D [align=center]

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