Camelbak Gasket

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by JJ123, Jul 19, 2010.

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  1. The gasket on my camelbak has disappeared, and, while i have improvised one from another, imitation type job, it's still leaking.

    Camelbak aren't playing ball, because i didn't buy it new, they won't give me any help on spares. It's one of the models with the narrower mouth, like a screw top lid.

    Anyone got an idea where to get hold of one?
  2. Describe it in as much detail as you can, and I'll see if I can help
  3. It's a rubber ring, about 50mm diameter, that goes inside the lid, so when you screw it on it makes a good seal. Like the red thing in the issue waterbottle.
  4. Give me a day or two, and I'll get back to you.
  5. Just make an O-Ring to fit.
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    Camelbak Contamination
    « on: Today at 07:49:05 »Quote Modify My GF bought me an ex-forces Camelbak last Christmas off Ebay.

    It was pretty manky inside and needed a thorough cleaning before I could use it. I bought myself a cleaning kit and gave it the twice over, then flushed it through with Cambden Tablets to kill any further bacteria.

    I used it a few weeks ago when I was out mountain biking, and despite a little off flavour (that I always seem to get when using any bladder), thought all was OK. A few hours later though, I had a (un)healthy dose of the trots.

    Not putting 2 and 2 together, I used the Camelbak again when doing a long session on my cross trainer about 10 days ago, and suffered no ill effects... BUT, left it hanging nearby, about half full.

    Two days ago, I sipped a little from the thing and found the water to be quite foul and tangy, and it actually burned my throat, leaving me feeling as if I'd drunk acid. My GF concurred that there was definitely something amiss.

    Another thorough washing has ensued, but what could the latest foulness have been ? Any thoughts anyone ? I have other bladder systems, and have left water in them for weeks with no problem.
  7. REPLACE the drinking tube and mouthpiece. You can never really clean them properly and they are a bugger for allowing germs to breed despite cleaning. I wouldn't use a secondhand one.

    Dry your camelbak correctly also. Make sure you have drained all water from the drinking tube and leave a piece of rolled up cardboard in the bladder to allow air to circulate and dry the bladder naturally.
  8. Couple of people on walking forum have also recommended storing the bladder in the freezer in between uses, but that isn't practical for me...... thanks for the tip on the mouthpiece.... what if I boil the buggers for a while ?
  9. just leave the fu9ker full of milton between uses. it'll be fine boiling it aswell!

    I've left water in mine for a week and still gone out on the bike and supped from it - maybe me guts are used to it now..?
  10. Or neat Vodka?
  11. Ultraviolet light kills quite a few beasties; try leaving the bladder and hose in direct sunlight for a while, that might help.
  12. UV light ? In Port Talbot ? Lucky to get any sunlight at all in this shit hole. :)
  13. Um...try a Withering Glare instead!
  14. Where in the Talbot you from legs? Sandfields, Margam, or Baglan?
  15. Not from PT at all really - much to my eternal shame I'm a Jack, but married a PT girl and now divorced, so find myself in a terraced house right behind Pages DIY..... Devonshire Place. At least it's within crawling distance of Station Road and saturday night totty :)