camelbacks ?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by stormtrooper2006, May 4, 2009.

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  1. any one know anywhere (prefarable online) to get hold of these cheap for both civi and mil use

  2. Your local friendly Q&M's
  3. ebay (new!)

    always a good start for everything.
  4. Yeah, Ebay. Got mine on there for £25 inc p&p brand new.

    Edited to add: Would like to get some zips added to mine to attach it to the side of my bergan. Anyone know who I could do this for me?
  5. the new crows at pirbright are cutting around with camelbacks on now, they dont look up to much though
  6. If you are near or know somewone who is the PX is usually a good place. I picked mine up a couple of years ago for $19
  7. buy an old daysack pouch and remove the zips. or even the whole back of the pouch. or buy the webtex pouch for attaching it to bergens... (yes webtex is cack but i cant see a camelbak holder coming to much harm!)
  8. Damn - I thought you were referring to camel toes....

    :( :( :(