Camel Spiders !!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Trotsky, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. What laughingly passes for police work in my unit was brought to a halt today with rumours of a 10 foot long spider that can out run a humvee and feasts on US marines "like the face hugger from alien"

    For research purposes I came up with the camel spider on wikipedia.

    I wondered how dangerous these things are? I have been to the air conditioned middle east (UAE OMAN EGYPT) and never seen one even in the desert, how common are these things in Iraq and Afghan?


    (who has seen far more frightening sights in Barking or Feltham but is interested anyway!)
  2. a shit hole!
  3. Im sure I'd leg it if I saw one though

  4. I think it's the being eaten alive while asleep after the bite that is worse than the bite itself. 8O
  5. All urban myth, sun spiders (not true spiders), arnt as nasty as they look, and they eat all the other creepy crawles. the pic shows distorted perspective in the above link, see below for the facts on 'Camel Spiders'
  6. I saw one out in morroco, the scariest thing about them is their speed, they are very, very fast (for an insect that size) and look evil. Apart from that they're fine, I doubt you've got much to worry about.
  7. There about half a foot long at most. Don't believe all the stories about them. Saw 2 in Afghan, but I think there more comman in Iraq.
  8. They don't like being sprayed with lit ZX75,

    so a mate told me :twisted:
  9. Fast BIG booger outran the improvised flame thrower (Lynx and Zippo), we stayed away that night and checked out clothes next morning.
  10. Found this pic

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  11. that one was on weight watchers
  12. Nope think not it was on my disc of pics from Telic 2
  13. The picture (the one from shows a distorted perspective, they're big, but not as big as that picture suggests.

    Never seen one in real life, heard the myth, and one guy told me he had been bitten and the wound was less than he had suffered from horsefly bite in his own back garden.