Camel spiders

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Top_Crab, Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. There's a long standing urban myth in the Royal Air Force that camel spiders inject one with an anesthetic, then eat one without one realising it, but this is a complete myth because camel spiders do not posses any glands to produce an anesthetic.
    They do however have sharp nippers which are covered with fine hairs & lots of bacteria which would have been dangerous in the days before antibiotics ect.
    It really is a bit 'girlie' to be frightened of them though. :)
  2. Speak for yourself mate, I saw one eating a rat - thing was fecking huge - scared the crap out of me.

    Edited to add - if you realy are a top crab - you would never see one anyway - they don't tend to hang out in 5 star hotels :roll:

  3. A picture paints a thousand words....none of them good.

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  4. Royal Air Force = 5 star hotels, another urban myth. :lol:
  5. My automatic fear of anything with more than four legs or less than two may be irrational, but I'll keep it, thanks.

    I have no desire to sleep in the same room as a Camel Spider, after having seen a fair few of them.

  6. What, 6 star hotels?
  7. is that spider giving the other one a hoop dhobi?? Or is it all one spider with gazillions of legs :?
  8. Please stop it with the spider pics, and tell me when i can come down of this chair....eeeeeeewwwwwww.
  9. Quite so, RAF aircrew - 5 star hotels, the rest just get 4 star but with rooms on the concierge level...
  10. While I seen quite a few guys startled by them as they are large and move with surprising speed, never in all the time I have spent in the deserts of the Middle East have I known of anyone to get bit by a camel spider. Scorpions are a whole differant issue... known quite a few folks who caught a nasty surprise when they failed to shake out boots, check their head gear, etc.

    I darn near had a close encounter of the worst kind with a scorp... dug a cat hole in the wee hours to take care of business and listened to the tiny voice of paranio in the back of my head which influenced me to shine a red lensed flashlight down before squatting... sure enough... there was an irate insect right where some sensitive items of my anatomy would be dangling... a smack of the e-tool took care of it so I could conduct my business but I ALWAYS looked first after that.
  11. Myth! ?

    Exercise Trumpet Dance, We flew in a Herc, stopped off at Gander (5 star) then Winnepeg, 5 star. We sat at the menu looking confused at the dishes, and asked the Ac Cpt what we were allowed, his answer was 'Don't kick the arse of of the budget lads, only 3 courses). Most lads had King Prawn starters.
  12. I recall a story on EX SAIF SAREEA II in Oman in 2001 when a camel spider was apparently placed in a box with a scorpion. The next morning the scorpion was nowhere to be seen.
  13. Camel spiders love scorpions... in the ingestable sort of way.

    A popular method of entertainment amongs some of my peers during our stay in the area in the early 90's was to catch scorps and camel spiders then hold gladiator fights... one on one the spider always would win but against two or three it was a heck of a brawl.

    A bit sadistic of course but we are talking about cavalry guys.
  14. Heard the tales as a young soldier. Never knew what to beleive till I worked in Mid East.
    Now a convert beleive anything, evil just mucking evil.