camel spiders

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Rarden_reaper, Jun 2, 2006.

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  1. Anyone had any nasty experiences with these nasty little bastards?
  2. Not personally but we used to catch them in empty plastic water bottles, release them into a pit and let them fight each other. That was quite entertaining!
  3. first night i saw one scuttle past i thought if i run at it, it will run back into the light so i can see it properly- anyhow it didnt it came straight for me so i jumped on the little b'strd, used to kill about three a night on patrol, i am sure my MWD ate one one night too
  4. Is your little doggy still OK?
  5. he was fine, i was just patrolling along and saw him stick his head down and grab something then heard whatever it was go crunch and get swollowed, phoned the vet tech straight away and she said to keep an eye on him but he was fine
  6. Yes I bloody well Oman on Loan Service, I got bit by one while in bed. The result......a series of costly injections and a 2 week stay in the AFH at hurt like hell!!!!!!
  7. That wasn't for being bitten by a camel spider!! I didn't realise penicillen was that expensive!!!!!!!LOL
  8. Camel Spiders are simply fcuking Horrible, however if you are bored out your mind, can get a hold of a domino beetle and a scorpion “black as they are slightly safer” get a washing bowl, put them both in it, and sit down and watch the UFC of the insect world.
  10. They go around in patrols you know...if you see one then several others are watching you. Spooky huh? Actually Brian, (pushes glasses back up nose) they are not really spiders although they are arachnids huh ha ha!
  11. Sounds like an Aldershot lass. :D


    Camel Spider pedia
  12. Pedipalpi? Chelicerae?? You dirty bastard! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

    Hmm, I think I might try and titillate the wife with my pedipalpi and ask her to fiddle with my chelicerae tonight...
  13. My mate got bit on the arrse one night by one and he was lucky to keep his arrse! His spyincter putrified and sort of healed over! The Doc had to drill several satalite holes to allow him to dump, while his main ring recovered! He had to take loadsa pills to keep his Richard the thirds, loose enough to pass through the satalite holes. God, was he depressed for ages!
  14. Met a few of these nasty little fellas whilst over in Kuwait.....not my favourite things at all. Had a mate who was chewed upon by one of these beasties whilst in his maggot.....lots of jabs and had it excised by the doc in case it was a female and had laid her eggs in the wound. Nice! Still, at least he didn't feel it at the time. Whilst in a Rover one night followed one for a couple of hundred yards, seems it was attracted by the light (or shadow). Boy can they run! Yuk