Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by m-star, Aug 22, 2003.

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  1. It's eating me EEEAAAAARRRGGGG!!!!!

  2. Awwww. How cute.

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  1. Lurking in the shadows in a Desert near you! 8O

    OK So we've all heard the Urban Myths about these ferocious and quite frankly rather ugly little beasties. Rumour control would have us believe that they can run 30mph, leap tall buildings in a single bound then creep into your tent in the middle of the night 'n suck your face off. mmmmm nice....

    Anyone got any first hand accounts or experiences they'd like to share. Go on scare us silly! :lol:

    Anyone seen Starship Troopers? Arachnids.... Camel Spiders..... Coincidence?

  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Not seen one yet, but my eyesight is failing me now! I heard one knicked a camelbak last week but this has yet to proven!

    A US website stated the camel spider wasn't poisonous but the shock of having your arm eaten usually kills you!

    Hope to find one soon, the lads have all got pet scorpions or box nose vipers- which is foolhardy I know as we donthave anti-venom for the box viper just the pit viper! So please ensure you identify the viper before handling it- remember a viper is for life not just for Op Telic!
  3. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    Me and a few mateshad a rather funny(ish) encounter with one just after the war ended...

    Picture the scene: Night has fallen and you and the rest of your Battery are stuck on Shiaba (excuse spelling) Airfield waiting for movement orders out of the sh*t hole that's Iraq, and to pass the time some of you play cards by lamp light...

    There we are, dressed in shorts and flipflops and not much else, sitting on water jerry cans and compo boxes etc, drinking bottled water encased in a wet sock (and some really shitty alcohol-free beer the BK managed to "aquire" on the sly). The only light for about 100metres is the little lamp we're using to see the cards and play the game. When out of the shadows between my mates legs comes this bloody great spider. Naturally, being the big bad roughty toughty battle hardened steely eyed super troopers that we are, we ran and jumped and screamed away like a buch of girls! We got the little fcuker in the end though...

    Never did finish that card game... Ho-hum.
  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Isn't nature wonderful?......
  5. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator


    Dath awaits us all!! With big nasty, horrible sharp pointy teeth!! 8O
  6. HLS

    HLS Old-Salt

    True dit

    While out in Kenya I was injured on the Battalion jump and spent my time at excercise HQ (Archers Post from memory) while the lads slogged it out with the fig 11's. :D

    Anyway a few of us were getting ready to bed down for the night when I noticed half in half out of the lamps shadow on the tent canopy a hairy leg 8O.

    Torches were produced and there was said creepy crawly, of course being double hard bastards we wanted to trap the ****** and kill it (as you do) so one guy gets his mess tin and taps the canvas below the spider and it promptly falls into the tin, but then proceeds to run down his arm towards his face at a rapid rate of knots

    The poor sod let out a scream and batted the spider away which by this time was about an inch away from his fizzer, off course everyone else was pissing themselves silly, the spider did meet his maker about 5 mins later after being cornered and set on fire. :(
  7. Ok...soooo not liking the camel spider.

    Think we had one in our office today (which is odd as although it is quite warm there's no sand nor mad islamic terrorists about). Someone yelled 'Drop the Yellow Pages on it quickly!'. Then some brave soul shouted 'Wait! Don't kill it. I'll catch it and get rid of it humanely'. Said brave soul duly caught the huge beast and let it go out of the window.

    Someone brighter then pointed out that our office is on the 2nd floor and spiders can't fly.

    Still another one of these evil beasts wiped out.
  8. I heard this one story whilst at Sandhurst from a guy in the paras. His mate had gone to bed wearing only his boxer shorts. He woke up in the middle of the night to find a camel spider on his crotch having lunch.

    Ouch!!! 8O

    Apparently the guy ended up losing one of his balls due to the infection caused by the bite. :cry:
  10. Camel Spiders are always good for a fight with a scorpion....nightly entertainment back in May as we waited to come home :lol: :D
  11. They'll not bother you unless you bother/surprise them. They are fast little buggers but tend to run away from you rather than towards you. They don't sneak into your doss bag to keep warm at night, but you should always check in case you've got a scorpion in there (or in your boots). They are carnivorous, but by all accounts prefer camels/sheep/goats over us. Joe Squaddie will only get bitten if he tries to catch one, for that planned 'grudge match against the scorpion' and that's if the scorpion hasn't had him first.

    When they bite, they apparantly inject their victim with a local anaesthetic, before tucking in, so if it does get you in your'll not feel it.

    What's that behind you? :lol:
  12. More than 4 legs? KILL IT just in case!
  13. Camel Spiders...ugh!!!
    We had millions of the bastards where we flew from in Oman during Afghanistan. Also came across a few in Saudi during TELIC. They can indeed run light lightning, but are generally only aggressive when provoked. I am also told that the story about them injecting anaesthetic is not true. However, they have one of the most powerful bites (in relation to its size) in the animal kingdom and the tiny hairs from its jaws which are left behind in the wound will cause a nasty infection if not treated quickly.

    Once saw a VC10 crew armed with brooms, spades and any other heavy implement ripping their tent apart in the desert because they'd seen one of the blighters run inside. Best of all, they never found it and had a very paranoid nights sleep not helped by the beastie horror stories being told by their AWACS next door neighbours!!!!! :lol: :lol:
  14. Can we all just agree to call them a myth, even though they exist. It is bad enough convincing jocks that snakes are not going to crawl into their doss bags without going through the palaver of explaing camel spiders as well.