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Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by TA_sig, Mar 8, 2006.

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  1. Ok I've been looking at a couple of camcorders, contemplating buying one to film all sorts of shenanigans (as seems to be the fashion amongst the discerning squaddy) and some important family events coming up. I notice that prices in the states seem to match uk prices $ for £, ie a camera may be $600 in the states and £600 here - meaning a considerable markup on UK prices, some 60% increase or so.

    Does anyone have any experience of importing electronics from the US? I'm more concerned about the power or firmware differences than customs fees (£20 to £50 aint much on potential savings). Is it likely to blow up in my face if I try charging it off a uk power supply? Been looking at the panasonic range of 3CCD cameras, seem to be best value for money.
  2. I've bought quite a bit of IT from the states on ebay, including a laptop which i saved over £350 on compared with UK price. I've never had a problem with it, the ebay ratings system gives you more trust than a website you cant check out for sure. I'd say go for it, but there maybe customs implications, although i've never been contacted to pay an import charge.
  3. Not sure about the importing side Sigs, but I can recommend one of the new hard-drive camcorders. I bought a dinky little JVC jobby (MG 50) with a 30 GB built-in hard-drive about six months ago and it is the poodle's gonads. 30 gigs gives you 14 hours recording at normal resolution and half that at high res.

    Dead clever too, if you drop it (and I have, twice :? ) it realises it is accelerating and switches the hard-drive off before it hits the floor. Impresses me anyway...

    No more bloody tapes to lose, damage or change, just download to a PCand back up to either dvd or another external hard-drive.
  4. I bought a camera from Canada last summer, but I took out a world wide guarantee.
    Top of the range with all the extras you can buy etc and it came to $1000.
    When it finally came to the uk market, it was double the price.
    Import, save being ripped of by British tax, if you buy it tax paid in the country of origin.
  5. I have one of the JVC hard-drive camcorders, and whilst the HD recording is excellent, I don't use it often and so keep forgetting to charge the battery. Transferring movies onto my Mac is much harder than it should be, though it works well with Windoze.

    So, a hardly used MG20 20GB JVC HD Camcorder for sale. PM me if interested.