Cambridge University students vote against promoting Remembrance Sunday

My kids attend the local service with me. This year they are also laying a wreath.

Yoofs today eh?


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Perhaps they should send said students for a tour around Auschwitz and then a walk around one on the larger and immaculately maintained war cemeteries on the continent.

They might be less smug then.

It's the Student's Union, which is a not known as being entirely representative of the the whole student body. My daughter and her mates had nothing to do with it seeing it as a repository for all of the political loonies who wanted to interfere with their enjoyment of student life both academic and social.

It’s Cambridge, it’s a dump. Cheating bastards in the boat race too.
Load of b**** they did not need to cheat in any of the boat races this year they were just better in all respects.
Students are never out of bed at eleven in the morning so why are they debating it?
Students will still be in bed.
Muslamics will be on their knees at the mosque ,sniffing the bloke in fronts bottom .

Those parading will be praying it doesnt rain, mentally ticking off birds in the crowd they'd shag, and urging the vicar to hurry the **** up as the RBL is open and there is a lot of beer to be consumed.
Send the army to Cambridge, round them all up and machine gun them into big pits.

That'll teach them.
At Cambridge, they already have the tutorial system.
'the woozy-minded Communists, the practical jokers, and the sexual indeterminates of Oxford'
This could well be the best thing I've ever read. Swap out the word Oxford for any other university and you have a perfect description of students which I will definitely be using
I liked the next bit - "the plea of immaturity, or the irresistible passion of the undergraduate for posing" :)


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ARRSE doesn't promote or condone war. It's bad for our membership figures.
ARRSE doesn't promote or condone war. It's bad for our membership figures.
How do you figure that, considering the demographic?
The usual NUS Students Union Lefty Marxist twaddle merchants who object to everything in society that does not chime with their narrow communistic attitides to the World. Political fakirs and Fornicators of the Great Gawd Karl Marxianities.
Plant Pot Bollocks.PNG
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Trouble is when they go on to become politicians..
Edited to add before some wag asks, the students not the crocs.
Id vote for the crocs (the bitey animal not the horrific footwear)

Edited to add: by bitey animal I was of course referring to crocodiles (and other toothy reptiles) and not the bitey reptile who started this thread
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