Cambridge Student lefties dribbiling again

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Trotsky, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. Total misinterpretation. It isn't Cambridge students kicking up a fuss, it's the anti-fascist magazine Searchlight. Just clearing that one up in case anyone doesn't understand.

    It's a stupid protest though, and I echo the view that a reader posted in response to it, if we're not allowed to have themes like at balls, presumably Searchlight magazine will be against German being taught in European schools?
  2. Chuck me another mag, mate? Just checked where I live, o yes, Britain.
    "If you are white and upper class maybe it does not get into your head that this can be distasteful." So being white is distasteful now is it? Feck my old boots, the loonies are getting out of hand.

    Well excuse fcuking us, mate.
  3. Why whitewash the history if they seem so keen on preserving it? Also, who gives a f**k about Cambridge's ball theme?
  4. And if they show up as a bunch of the Empires finest "subjects", Africans, Indians and the like, they'll be called racist again.
  5. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    I hate Adricans, the whole lot of them should fucking burn.
  6. Perhaps they’d like to consider what life could have been like under a German or Japanese empire? Whilst it may have been imperialistic & exploitative, the British Empire did bring hospitals, railways, industry, trade & for the most part, peace.

  7. Pity we couldn't have a Futurama "what if" machine and see what the world would have been like WITHOUT the British Empire.
  8. Only 10 rounds ?.....more like a job for the .50 Cal.... :)
  9. Who the fucking hell are this lot to comment on a fancy dress party? They can bloody well jog on, the Empire was A Good Thing for mum's country and it's a crying shame it's not still around.
  10. FFS it's a Student P1ss Up. I went to an Officers Mess german Oompah Band night dressed up as Freddie Starr in his Nazi gear. It was a hoot and we all got p1ssed.

    I was filled with total remorse the next morning and ................. :sleepy:
  11. I don't give a flying feck about these cnuts. I wish that they would just creep off to what ever Marxist utopia they choose and leave my friends, my family and myself alone.
    These swine make me want to puke blood. They want to destroy everything that this Country stands for.
    If they are so dense that they cannot see when something is a bit of fun then I don't even feel sorry for them. I just wish that they would die: Preferably, somewhere other than the UK. This way they would not place an additional burden on the NHS

    rant over - time for the medication
  12. Their not wrong though; the British Empire was more than a little oppresive.

    But it was our oppresion after all. It's other nation's fault for being caned over by such a small island. They shouldn't have been so weak.

    Besides it's ok now. Blair apologised for it all!
  13. Jesus wept, I dread to think!!!

    Aside for the 100's of extra tiny pi$$-pot nations which would exist, there is a distinct possibility that we would all be speaking French.

    Now that chills me to the bone.
  14. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    A total non story. Who amongst us has not had firebrand ideals? Did none of you want to change the world when you were 17? Who amongst us has not dressed up as little Miss Muffet and gone around the naval dockyards calling out 'Want to see my tuffet?'

    Whoops, sorry. I meant, have we not all adopted stupid ideas when young? Like the idea that drinking 11 pints of Old Bishpos Stnky Finger and then going for a Curried goat afterward?

    These students are exactly the same as any of us. I live in this university city, and see the same thing every year. The freshmen all arrive, filled with ideals, ambitions, bursting with new notions. That generations before them have had! Give them 6 months and they will have discovered 'The Granta, The Anchor and STD Sally.