Cambrian patrol

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Peter_Skellen, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. Got cambrian this Nov, done plently of training and that, all team switched on with everything.

    Any tips for on the day(s) that might help us out.

    N.B. Not going is not an option
  2. 307

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  3. Are you really Lewis Collins? :wink:
  4. Are you really Jack Daniels?
  5. BBear

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    No, I'm sparticus!
  6. Ok read that. Really?? Is there ways really how to cheat, couldn't believe it! Anybody on here done any of the them?

    Any tips on scoff during the patrol? Obivioulsy jelly babies and haribo!

  7. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Sorbreen malt loaf.
  8. Take loads of high calorie food with you. Last year we took so much sugary stuff I thought I was gonna come back down with Type-2 Diabetes. To be honest, if you take whats in your rat-packs then you'll be fine. Maybe throw in a few more boil in the bag meals for extra pleasure.
  9. Such as?
  10. 307

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    bars of lard....lardelicious.
  11. The_Duke

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    Just to throw in a quick cliche...Don't forget to pick the low hanging fruit.

    1. There is a kit list, and it will be checked. You will be deducted points if you are missing anything, no matter how small or insignificant it seems to you. If it says take a right angle torch with red and green filters, then take them and not a maglite.

    2. It is a tactical patrol, but there is not enough enemy manpower to cover the whole route. Make best time between stands, but "switch on" when you approach the stand location. Points are there to be had for having the rear man facing backwards on the halt at the RV (rather than slumped on his bergan looking at the sky etc), and also for briefing the whole team (including any sentries etc).

    3. The patrol needs to act as a team. The DS will be looking for things such as taking the opportunity to sleep when appropriate, ensuring everyone has a hot scoff/brew when possible, bashas up not just monging in the rain etc. There are points to be gained/lost on all of these areas, as well as making sure that the patrol is fit to continue.

    Each stand is up to the patrol leader to deal with, but completing a task does not equal top points - it includes all of the things above.

  12. Point to note, the DS have got sneaky over the last few years and are using hidden OP's with video camera's between stands. Don't be surprised if part of your debrief includes footage from some remote part of the route showing Pte Bloggs with his weapon in his bergan or Pte Smith monging it at the back.
  13. Only did it once and that was the T.A one (which is a day shorter I think) - and this was a few years back now but I don't imagine too much has changed.

    Only a small point but was important in 'my' competition anyway - and that is the debrief/report at the end...

    A large part of the patrol is the information it brings back, and how, and in what form, this is passed on to the DS at the end is crucial and is (or was) worth decent points.

    When you come in and you are wet, tired etc mind may not be functioning at its optimum - so dont overlook prepping for the debrief. Alas, it was a part we had skipped in our training and we were not firing on all cylinders and we didnt do all that well.

    EDIT adding:- :lol: Just read the Wiki section and the 'how to cheat' bit.... must admit that cheating didnt cross my mind, certainly not on the first (only as it happens) time I did it. But I can imagine if you are doing in successively it would be more tempting.
  14. Well, you could take more boil in the bag food or you could take burgers that you've bought on the way down from Burger King. It might taste minging cold and give you CJD but there are a fair few calories in them. I'd stick with the boil in the bag because of the morale boost having hot food.

    I'd strongly advise taking your issue gaitors aswell. My feet were quite raw at the end of the competition and I have no doubt they would've been worse without the gaitors.

    Not sure what your background is but I'd advise you to stick your bergan in a bivvy bag when doing the water crossing. Water-proofing the insides of your bergan won't stop the bergan from acting like a horrible sponge and increasing your weight dramatically.

    I wish I was doing the comp this year and I hope the rumours to bin it aren't true.