Cambrian Patrol

Anyone organised a team for this, anyone been involved in the admin side and taken part on the logistics and training for the event.

Not looking for stories from those who have taken part, moreso those who have aided in ensuring the team got there and were able to take part upto a competant level.

Anything that you can think of will help at this stage and will narrow down the areas of requirements at a date in the near future, many thanks chaps.


I competed in 2004. The stands were basic, the cheeky part was the weight the distance and the ground. I can only recommend as many hours out walking with weight as you can organise.

We went to brecon for a fortnight patrolling round the sticks in 48hr bursts followed by an admin day then back out. It seemed to help getting used to that much time on the feet.

We did a whole weekend of getting beasted with NBC, then the stand turned out to be one team member having to put on the suit correctly and name a few bits of kit.

As for getting there on time, we jacked up accom in a T.A centre in swansea the night before then just drove to the start point and cracked on.

I think this falls into the 'Not looking for stories from those who have taken part' category but may be of some help.


I recieved the PXR the other day and it highlights many logistical failings i.e. wrong kit carried, preperation time spent wrong, spare kit for breakages etc I assume this is the kind of info you need to make a start


jockflub said:
wrong kit carried, preperation time spent wrong, spare kit for breakages
As far as this goes carry what it says on the kitlist and sod all else, weight really is an issue. We made every attempt to keep it down but were still all humping about with around 90lbs.

A lot of teams lost points before they started on the kit check for things as daft as t-shirts with unit names on.

As for spare kit i wouldnt bother with much more than bootlaces.


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The training that we had prior to the patrol last year started around May and centred on patroling with substantial weight and doing activities that that would come up in the patrol. For example, water crossings, agent meets and vehicle anti-ambush drills.

If I was to manage a team for this years patrol, I would establish who was going to take part ASAP and get them to train together as much as possible and on their own to get their drills sorted out and used to carrying alot of weight.


Take spare bergans, helmets, rifle slings, bits of webbing etc.


Lots of hill fitness from the start, use as a selection process.Lucky we were not far from Cairngorm and spent most of our time bagging monroes at least one day a week on the hill.

keeping a few best guys as spares in case of injury. They can be used as admin party for the team

Kit wise make sure everyone has the EXACT correct kit stated , make sure no-one ditches to take gucci kit. And check.

We got kit checked at start line and finish.
Plus I picked up a 105 shell from one of the stalls and was glad I had no extra kit.
Its only a few days and your gonna moving hard over that time no need to carry kit that will not be needed.

We were issued with a blank Batco pg 100 and had to send lots of messages "I SPELL" on a wet windy hillside.(I think we weren't liked) so worth double checking everything issued in OGp

Good admin for the team on arrival back, ie wash kits and spare clothing, we got time for shower and change before we got our medals at the presentation and raised morale no end

hope this helps somewhat.
Navigation , Navigation , Navigation , pace counting and route choosing, all essential.

The guys I worked with that did it really pushed these subjects and seemed to pay off.

Tabbing fitness goes without saying
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