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Cambrian Patrol

Anybody done it? I know ULOTC are trying to field a team this year - good if we can organise it (piss up / brewery). Bristol entered two years ago and won silver medals didn't they? Anyone on last year's?
Operator, we don't mention the bronzes, it's all about the silver. Aye owee, I did it last year as did some other folk. It pretty much does what it says on the tin though. Want any more info pm me.
Thanks to some jumped up w@nker of a 2lt who tried to "organise" cambrian at london and succeeded in annoying every psi etc he encountered, we have been told to **** off till next year. thanks!
In case anyone is interested, the relevant DCI JS for this year's Cambrian Patrol is now available (DCI JS 63 - 74 2004).

If anyone wants to know more, let me know and I'll post yet another incredibly dull (but informative) post with details on Phase Timings, Stands, Compostion etc.

I've had loads of emails asking for this info, so here we go. Enjoy. :D


1. The Cambrian Patrol is the premier patrolling event of the British Army. It is held annually in Wales and is organised by HQ 160 (Wales) Bde on behalf of HQ 5 Div, as directed by HQ LAND in the Land Command Plan. The exercise is arduous and concentrates on leadership, teamwork, physical fitness and achieving the Mission. It also draws participants from foreign Countries. The Cambrian Patrol is an exercise and not a competition it is conducted for the benefit of units and there is no final order of merit. The exercise is designed to be within the capability of any well-led and well-trained patrol of any Arm or Service. The exercise is the same for Regular and Reserve patrols.


2. The aim of The Cambrian Patrol is to provide a challenging patrol exercise in order to enable units to test training standards.

Eligibility and Composition of Teams

3. There are separate but identical phases for Regular and Reserve units:

a. The Reserve Phase The Reserve event is run from a Friday to a Sunday and is open to patrols from the Territorial Army, Royal Marine Reserves, Royal Auxiliary Air Force Regiment and equivalent overseas reserve units. Entry details are as for the Regular event.

b. The Regular Phase The Regular event is open to patrols from regular units of the Army, Royal Marines, RAF and foreign countries. Units may bid to enter more than one patrol. Units from the Territorial Army may also enter on a fill up basis if they can release soldiers to participate mid week. All units will be informed of the number of bids accepted by mid August 2004.

c. Patrol Composition Each patrol is to have a non-participating Patrol Manager and two drivers. The drivers may be reserves. The composition of the patrol is to be:
(1) Patrol Commander: Offr/WO/SNCO.
(2) Patrol 21C: INCO.
(3) Six x Ptes: This group may include no more than one x JNCO*.
*This composition does not apply to University OTCs. Any unit whose establishment makes adherence to these criteria exceptionally difficult can apply in writing to HQ 160 (Wales) Bde for dispensation.

d. Eligibility The following rule applies:
No person is to enter the Patrol more than twice in any one rank (not including Patrol Managers).


4. The exercise will be conducted in seven phases in order to allow the maximum number of units to enter. The reserve events are run on phases one and seven. The phases dated are as follows:
a. Phase One: Report Friday 29 Oct 04; ends Sunday 31 Oct 04 (TA Phase)
b. Phase Two: Report Sunday 31 Oct 04; ends Tuesday 02 Nov 04.
c. Phase Three: Report Monday 01 Nov 04; ends Wednesday 03 Nov 04.
d. Phase Four: Report Tuesday 02 Nov 04; ends Thursday 04 Nov 04.
e. Phase Five: Report Wednesday 03 Nov 04; ends Friday 05 Nov 04.
f. Phase Six: Report Thursday 04 Nov 04; ends Saturday 06 Nov 04.
g. Phase Seven: Report Friday 05 Nov 04; ends Sunday 07 Nov 04. (TA Phase)

Assessment Criteria

5. Since 1959 Cambrian Patrol has developed from a march and shoot competition to its present format, a Mission and Task orientated exercise. Therefore the fundamental criteria the DS use to assess the performance of the patrol is by determining whether or not it completes the various tasks and achieves its Mission. This is assessed by awarding marks for:

a. Military skills (approx 70% of total marks).
b. Orders (approx 15% of total marks).
c. Debrief (approx 15% of total marks).

6. The other military skills that may be assessed during Cambrian Patrol are:
a. Firing of personal weapons
b. Obstacle crossing
c. First aid and casavac procedures
d. Recognition of aircraft, vehicles and equipment (based on ITD’s)
e. Artillery target indication
f. Patrol Techniques
g. NBC
h. Helicopter drills
i. Media handling
j. Conduct after capture
k. Communications skills and BATCO

7. Additional skills to be assessed may be notified in the future. Units may find References A and B useful when trying to plan pre-training programmes. Reference B can be supplied to units on request by CP office, HQ 160 (W) Bde.


8. The level of award will depend on the patrol completing all aspects of the exercise, in particular the mission phase. Awards are:
a. Gold: 75% or more of the points available.
b. Silver: 65-74% of points available.
c. Bronze: 55-64% of points available
d. Certificate: Completed the patrol in the time available and scored less than 55% of the points available.

9. Certificates are awarded to all those that complete The Cambrian Patrol. However patrols/individuals who withdraw will not be awarded a certificate (patrols that fall below 5 will be withdrawn for safety reasons).

Format for application to enter

10. Units should apply using the Form at the ANNEX attached. Copies of the application should also be sent to the unit’s Brigade or Divisional HQ. Units are welcome to bid for more than one patrol however last minute withdrawals due to a failure to anticipate work commitment or train adequately are extremely unwelcome and may prevent other units having a bid accepted.

11. Bids are to show preference for dates. The closing date for bids will be 16 Aug 04 and details confirming unit acceptance, timings, comprehensive rules and preliminary joining instructions will be issued after this date. Receipts of all bids will be acknowledged. The organiser’s decision on allocation will be final. Reserve units are to note that they must be prepared to report between 0200 hrs (earliest) and 0830 hrs (latest) on Friday 29 Oct 04 or Friday 05 Nov 04. Units must adhere to these timings. Exact timings for each unit will be contained in the warning order which will be issued nearer the date of deployment.

12. An entry fee of £50 Per patrol made payable to “Commanders Fund 160 (Wales) Bde’ should be enclosed with the application and is not refundable once the bid is accepted in August. Forms received without an entry fee will be returned. The entry fee for foreign teams is also £50, payable by UK cheque or by sterling on arrival (a contribution from these funds will be donated to the Army Benevolent Fund if any monies are left over once all exercise expenses have been paid).

13. Foreign units are encouraged to enter teams. There is a requirement for these teams to be hosted by British units. Wherever possible allied and affiliated units should be used. However, there may be a requirement for units on the same phase as foreign teams to assist with hosting if the above arrangement cannot be met. Applications are to be sent via The British Embassy, International Visit Control Office, for clearance procedures.

Additional information

14. Units that require additional information can telephone the Cambrian Patrol Warrant Officer (WO 1 X Xxxxx) 94351 2280/01874 613280 or e-mail cambrianpatrol@milnet.uk.


Send to: Cambrian Patrol Office, HQ 160 (Wales) Bde, The Barracks, Brecon, Powys, LD3 7EA.
(Fax: Brecon Mil 9 4351 2903, Civil: 01874 613903).

1. This unit wishes to enter Cambrian Patrol (CPO4)

a. Unit: (in full)

b. Type:
Regular/Reserve* (delete as applicable)

c. Patrol Manager/Patrol Leader

d. Address:

Post Code:

e. Telephone (Mil with ATN code)
(Civ with STD code)
Fax: (Mil with ATN code)
(Civ with STD code)

f. SMA: (Unit signal message address)

Unit’s Higher Command Formation

2. This unit wishes to enter the following phase: (Delete as applicable)
a. Phase One: Report Friday 29 Oct 04; ends Sunday 31 Oct 04. (TA Phase)
b. Phase Two: Report Sunday 31 Oct 04; ends Tuesday 02 Nov 04.
c. Phase Three: Report Monday 01 Nov 04; ends Wednesday 03 Nov 04.
d. Phase Four: Report Tuesday 02 Nov 04; ends Thursday 04 Nov 04.
e. Phase Five: Report Wednesday 03 Nov 04; ends Friday 05 Nov 04.
f. Phase Six: Report Thursday 04 Nov 04; ends Saturday 06 Nov 04.
g. Phase Seven: Report Friday 05 Nov 04; ends Sunday 07 Nov 04. (TA Phase)

3. If vacancies allow we wish to enter ___ Patrols. (Delete if not required).

4. A UK cheque for £50.00 made payable to Commanders Fund 160 (Wales) Bde is enclosed as an entry fee. (For foreign units only, this can be paid in £ Sterling on arrival).

Good luck to those who enter this year! :D
GunBunny said:
What news of the rumour that the farmers are refusing permission to use their land this year? Said to have been mentioned on Radio4 15 sept.
There is a meeting being held next month with all the landowners (40-odd) at HQ(W) 160 Bde. They have all given permission for this years event to go ahead, however due to the outcome yesterday of the fox hunting vote stand by for next years event to be scrapped, possibly.

There are 104 teams entered this year with 20 teams in reserve (inc foreign teams)

Anyone want to know the route?? :lol:
One thing I'd be interested to know is precisely how much training the other OTCs do for Cambrian and when they start. We entered last year and got a bronze after only 3 weekends training. So this year we asked to start training at annual camp and they gave us even less time (2 weekends). Bloody madness!

Wouldn't mind knowing the route actually, although prob end up wishing I didn't know what was coming.
Wookie, our guys (CUOTC) start in late Aug early Sept and train every weekend and 2hrs on Mondays until the competition. Think many other OTCs do similar levels. That effort helped win our team silver last year.
erik_the_viking said:
antphilip said:
I was reliably told they obtained a bronze this year meatballs.
Interesting seeing as CUOTC have not done Cambrian yet this year.
Looking at 5-7th Nov for this year's CUOTC attempt. Best of luck to them. Good team and good training (as far as I know).

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