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Hello Everyone,

Last February I joined the Dutch TA (NATRES, or National Reserve). Now that I've sort of gotten used to the reservists (I left the Air Assault Bde last september with a career ending injury) I want to do something challenging with the people there.

I was thinking about taking a team to the Cambrian Patrol exercise. I know some regulars who did it and they thoroughly enjoyed it. However, they're in Uruzgan now and seem to be a bit busy :p

Does anyone on this forum know what is expected of units going there skill and drill wise? I know UK drills are used and British weapons and comms are issued to the sections taking part. It would be nice if I can get my section up to speed on all that beforehand.

Thanks in advance for any tips and advice!

Hasn't Cloogie done this in a Dutch team recently?
" Hasn't Cloogie done this in a Dutch team recently?"

Cloggie? Sounds like another Cheesehead :lol:
Theres a few threads on Cambrian already on Arrse. Maybe in the TA forum or in training.

Luckily, you'll be able to get lots of hill training in Holland so you should do really well!

Good luck and see you there!
Singing: In the Dutch Mountaaaaiiiins!! :lol:

Luckily near Arnhem there are some small knolls. We'll just tab up and down them 50 times in a row...

Thanks for the links to the threads!




Read the threads, but more importantly read the joining instructions and warning order etc. Some people on here are advocating reducing kit, not carrying doss bags etc.

If the kit list says to carry torch, right angle with red and green filters - carry them. Points will be deducted for failure to adhere to the kit list. Why waste 10 points for failure to adhere to the instructions on something as simple as that.

For those who have advocated cold scoffs on the move, CP2002 had points awarded for teams who ate a hot scoff and brew each on one stand. The time lines allowed for it, commanders were given a no move before time to help them in their thought processes. Those who put up shelter and scoffed properly got max easy points, those that didn't got no points and even lower morale!

The pressure is on your team commander to make good decisions. Those decisions that are good for the welfare of the team will often also be rewarded with points on the marking scheme, even though you will not be aware of it at the time.
Thanks Duke,

I've been reading the threads on this site and browsing the web in general. Thing is the equipment lists and training objectives are given out by 160 Bde on participation.

Because this is just my little plan to get a training objective for people in my platoon I'm not in that stage yet! I'm currently trying to get a view of the training that has to be done so I can appreciate how realistic doing CP is.

Other Dutch TA units had a hard time convincing their OC that the preparation en completion of the exercise is actually good training for light role infantry units! Bloody shortsighted cnut that occifer must have been!
I'm going to hopefully be able to influence my OC by getting support from the PSI and CSM first :twisted:

My question therefore is mainly what training is needed, how do you prepare a TA unit with lots of commitments for CP? What is the impact of all of that.

On a different tack: I noticed quite a lot people from the polders on this site! Stamina, Cloggie... Neem even contact op, C-5 van het 40e!
I think if you want to take a non brit team you need to be hosted by a Brit one, we hosted an Italian unit who went on the Patrol, we had to provide radios and rifles and also provded a signaller as their english was so bad.

Not a bad bunch, apprently they were the first italian unit to actually finsh the course, were only really let down by leaving one of their lads behind at endex, didn't realise he was missing till the QM's asked where his rifle was
Kaye said:
C-5 van het 40e!
:lol: 40 C-3 here!!!!!!!
I think we might know eachother then.

Were you at the Harskamp last weekend doing the contact range and such? I don't know that many people in the company, only got officially enlisted a few weeks ago after running around the OK since february.


How about some Dutch TA visiting you next year? I heard that the 160 Bde can make some arrangements for foreign units. If not, then joining ARRSE might actually prove to be a good idea!
Kaye said:

Were you at the Harskamp last weekend doing the contact range and such? I don't know that many people in the company, only got officially enlisted a few weeks ago after running around the OK since february.
Yeah,was at Harskamp too.
Went outside the gate late in the evening with my mate(Valery,maybe you know him) to have a few pints with guys from 4Para in the pub across the street.
Nah dunno him. I'll yell ' Cloggie!' next time I see Charlie 3 around!

Was stuck at the barracks and chatted with some of the Americans and 4 PARA guys. Had a good time. Do you know anything about that American who got hit by a car?

I'm going to start chatting to the SMO and the regular Stadj (The bloke who ran C0 last weekend was a delight) about getting a Cambrian Patrol section together. Feel like joining? PM me if you feel like it or have some pointers about who I should adress.

De ballen,

Why not get in touch with 160 bde via e-mail , they have a WO who can put you straight , below is taken from a link I posted.

Additional information

14. Units that require additional information can telephone the Cambrian Patrol Warrant Officer (WO1 B Pratt) 94351 2280 / 01874 613280 or e-mail
We just arrived at the scene where the septic ranger tried to headbutt a car (VW's are a bit tougher to crack than a Dodge i reckon :p )
We stopped a few cars who tried to take on the rest of the Yanks and then went on into the pub. I don't know if he got to take the jump the day after though. Man these feckers were drunk! They proved to us again septics are shite drinkers! :wink:
Thanks H3, I'll mail them and ask! :idea:
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